Simon Blom by Jonas Huckstorf for Male Model Scene

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Simon Blom portrayed exclusively for Male Model Scene by photographer Jonas Huckstorf, with hair styling and makeup by Kenneth Holm Godskesen. Hair and make-up assistant Elinor Jørgensen.

Simon is represented by Scoop Models in Copenhagen while in Paris he's under the care of Success Models. Discover more of the black and white series below.

Simon-Jonas-Huckstorf-02 Simon-Jonas-Huckstorf-03 Simon-Jonas-Huckstorf-04 Simon-Jonas-Huckstorf-05 Simon-Jonas-Huckstorf-06 Simon-Jonas-Huckstorf-07 Simon-Jonas-Huckstorf-08 Simon-Jonas-Huckstorf-09 Simon-Jonas-Huckstorf-10 Simon-Jonas-Huckstorf-11

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