How to Acquire a More Appealing Appearance

It goes without saying that if you want a successful career as a male model you need to look good. But there is much more to it than just genetics. Maintaining your look and your fitness can be hard work but it is necessary if you want to be the best.

Your appearance is vitally important as this is what will get you noticed in the first place – and then will get you the best jobs. Here are five tips to making your appearance more appealing – and how to get yourself noticed.

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Mixing up your fitness regime

A fit and toned body doesn’t come without some serious hard work. And although some models may profess to enjoy some strenuous exercise there are many that would rather skip a gruelling regime. That is why it is a good idea to mix up your running, swimming and weights sessions so it doesn’t feel like hard work.

Stand up straight

It may sound like a strange piece of advice but by practicing good posture you will automatically look leaner and show off a more defined muscular body shape. Not only is good posture good for you it will also help with creating a captivating appearance.


Not all jobs will require a beaming smile but any good male model will take very good care of their teeth. There is no point in having a toned body and magazine cover facial features if your teeth are crooked or brown. You could invest in laser dentistry or a teeth whitening session such as Megawhite to get the right look. Getting an express treatment that does the job is all important and with this procedure you can even choose what shade of white you want to go for.

Eat right

You may not have to diet to the point of not enjoying your food – depending on your body type – but you do have to look after yourself and that should include staying away from things like processed foods. Eating fresh fish and vegetables is a must if you want the right look and getting into juicing is a good way of getting all the vital natural ingredients that will make a big difference.

Look smart

Every fashion shoot will be different and you obviously won’t have to wear your own clothes, but if you want to get noticed in the first place you should be thinking very carefully about what you are wearing and what your appearance says about you. Invest in the basics, including a dark suit, to make sure that you are always looking elegant.

Work, Work, Work

The main thing to remember is that nothing comes without hard work – but it will all be worth it in the end. Looking after yourself is a must if you want to be a male model so the more you put in to getting that perfect appearance; the more likely it is to become a reality.

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Bart Ackermans

MMSCENE PORTRAITS: Bart Ackermans by Michael Kai Young

Josh Knight Lee

MMSCENE STYLE STORIES: Josh Knight Lee by Filbert Kung