NEW MENSWEAR RULES: How To Handle The 2018 Trends

Menswear unlike it’s counterpart is considered to be the most wearable when it comes to runway shows and new collections. However, with the recent debut of Louis Vuitton by Virgil Abloh, in addition to a dominance of street wear, men are left with countless questions. Should you follow the trends, where can you go wrong, which trend is appropriate for which age, and so on.

MMSCENE team is working hard every season following every single men’s collection from runways in Paris to New York, while at the same time analyzing the trends to stay and the trends to go.  Therefore find a few tips from our contributing style writer Gordon Royce Hooydonk: 


Did you notice that trend too? You may call them simply chunky sneakers, but no doubt this season it is all about the ugly sneakers. If there’s ever an age limit on a clothing item it’s no doubt this one. It is completely fine to wear them if you are under 27, at that age you are still young enough to easily appear trendy. Also it’s fine if you are over 75, who cares by then and who has the right to tell you can’t do whatever you desire? Otherwise, my advice – avoid!


When it comes to mens clothes, depending on the workplace, men are often confined to a certain dress code or simply said uniform. Very often socks are an only form of ‘rebellious‘ expression, whether you are a Wall Street stock broker or just a student trapped in a school uniform. However socks are a hefty chapter in their own right, some prefer to call it SOCKTIQUETTE, like etiquette – it’s simply hilarious.

However once you entered the socktown, still trying to be funny, the classicl rule is socks should match your pants, and certainly not your shoes. A formal occasion calls for more dark and thinner socks – in a very formal attire the sock should be pulled up to the calf and worn with dress shoes. Thankfully fast fashion options such as Zara, Arket and H&M offer a great and affordable variety of men’s socks. Thus you have no excuse for not owning a fresh pair, and with these stores around each and every corner you can pick up a pair any day which is ideal even for today’s busiest gentlemen.

Men’s Fliration With a Foulard

Foulard, a posh name for well a men’s scarf, is coming back on the trend charts for all of you interested in slightly more modern manners of accessorising. By definition a foulard is a thin cotton or silk tie like handkerchief which you tie without much effort around your neck. Essentially it is much smaller than a women’s scarf, but the range of materials is pretty much the same. You are supposed to wear your foulard under your collar. Beware, if your foulard is tied too tight you are to simply look overdone. My advice – everybody should give foulard a try, but perhaps it’s just not your thing so do check if you look like a street style star wannabe before stepping out the door.

Dress Like You are Going To Court

If there’s ever an occasion a man should keep up with his appearance is when going to court. So I will use that moment as a prime example while finalizing our fashion tips for the day. When appearing before a judge whether its a divorce settlement or you are actually in trouble you do want to appear responsible enough and no doubt clean cut and well mannered. Any accessories that are too bold will count as a distraction, simply avoid them. When appearing before a judge you can’t go wrong wearing a simple navy classic two button suit even double breasted is a good idea. If you are already not stocked with a court ready outfit of your own, you can find great pieces at stores such as Massimo Dutti as well as more affordable addresses like Topman and even ASOS.

MMSCENE Magazine Contributing Writer Gordon Royce Hooydonk. All images from MMSCENE Print Magazine story – No Jacket Required by Marco Conte styled by Stefano Guerrinidiscover the full shoot.

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