Exclusive: Remo Mahler Interview

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Remo Mahler

Model: Remo Mahler
Agency: M+P Models
Website: www.mandpmodels.com
After previously featuring Q&A with M+P Model's Hugh Allan and Dominic O'Keefe, it's time to feature answers and unseen pola's of another promising up and comer coming from the same agency, model Remo Mahler.

Remo Mahler Remo Mahler Remo Mahler

Place of Origin: Freiburg, Germany
Where do you live: Elephant & Castle
Ethnic origin: My dad is German and my mum is from Suriname! Suriname is a huge blend of different origins from Indonesia, China, India and Africa!
Where were you discovered: Shopping in Oxford Circus
Favourite things: Food, fitness, parting and shopping
Favourite music: House music
Favourite piece of clothing: My leather jacket
Where do you want to visit the most: New York
Currently you’re obsessed with: The gym