MMSCENE / MALE MODEL SCENE is the seasonal digital and print magazine, giving you the best of modelling industry insights as well as a look into the latest menswear trends.

MMSCENE is non-for-profit fashion and culture basis organization which aim at further development of research on MMSCENE values, as well as on providing educational services.

This disclaimer is part of MMSCENE Tems of Service

MMSCENE online publications mean a fixation of a collection of literary works of a journalistic nature, which may also comprise other works or subject-matter and constitutes an individual item within a periodical or regularly-updated publication under a single title, having the purpose of providing educational services and publishing research under the initiative, editorial responsibility and control of a MMSCENE editorial board.

MMSCENE Magazine: Our biannual print edition, renowned for its in-depth insights and global distribution, focuses exclusively on male modeling and fashion trends.

DSCENE Magazine: As our sibling publication, DSCENE offers a biannual print and digital format, available internationally, featuring a broader spectrum of fashion and cultural content.

Connecting with MMSCENE:

  • Submissions & Features: For editorial submissions or feature inquiries, please contact us at We welcome contributions from agencies, magazine publishers, photographers, designers, artists, models, and stylists.
  • FAQ and Guidelines:
    • Submission Process: Email your shoot in web quality to For large files over 3MB, please use WeTransfer or Dropbox.
    • Response Time: Allow us up to 5 working days for a reply. We review every submission and will notify you of our decision.
    • Publication Criteria: We accept both exclusive and previously published shoots, including work from print magazines. Currently, we do not feature editorials from other online magazines.
    • MMSCENE vs. DSCENE: MMSCENE focuses on male modeling and is published seasonally in print and e-book formats. DSCENE covers a broader range of fashion and culture, available biannually in print and digital forms.
  • Image Sources: Our content is sourced through collaborations with agencies, photographers, and magazines.
  • Media Kit & Advertising Opportunities: For media kits or inquiries about advertising and sponsorships, adding your model agency to the directory, please contact the DSCENE Publishing marketing team at
  • Photography removal – whether you are a photographer or a retired male model and you would like your images removed please contact us by sending an email to – ever article on our page was submitted by photographer or a model agency if not commissioned by MMSCENE and DSCENE Magazine. Thus we appreciate you contacting us directly before submitting the images for removal to search engines and social media platforms.