MMSCENE / MALE MODEL SCENE is the seasonal digital and print magazine, giving you the best of modelling industry insights as well as a look into the latest menswear trends.

MMSCENE is non-for-profit fashion and culture basis organization which aim at further development of research on MMSCENE values, as well as on providing educational services.

MMSCENE online publications mean a fixation of a collection of literary works of a journalistic nature, which may also comprise other works or subject-matter and constitutes an individual item within a periodical or regularly-updated publication under a single title, having the purpose of providing educational services and publishing research under the initiative, editorial responsibility and control of a MMSCENE editorial board.

MMSCENE – monthly digital and print on demand
DSCENE Magazine – biannual print and digital distributed internationally
DESIGN SCENE Magazine – monthly digital and print on demand


Agencies, magazine publishers, photographers, designers, artists, models, stylists… wanting their editorials covered feel free to contact us.

Note to bloggers: please do credit Male Model Scene if you place material from our pages onto some other site. Thank you.


How do I get my shoot featured on Male Model Scene?
Simply email it to our main office email in a web quality. Attachments over 3MBs should be uploaded on WeTransfer or DROPBOX, for your preview we do not need the print quality of the images.

How long does it take to get a story featured?
We do consider every submitted shoot or news update for a feature, due to high number of emails please leave us up to 5 working days to reply back. In case we passed on the story we will let you know in a timely manner.

What if my shoot is already published?
A submitted shoot doesn’t have to be an exclusive story, it may also be your work photographed for a print magazine.

Do you feature editorials shot for online magazines?
Due to high demand at the moment we do not include in our news updates stories shot for online magazines.

What is the difference between MMSCENE and DSCENE?
MMSCENE magazine [short for Male Model Scene] is our seasonal magazine published from November 2015 as an e-book and print available for purchase online, comprised of submitted work  of our contributors, you can find all the editorials under the EXCLUSIVE tab.

DSCENE is a biannual print magazine, available in digital form online print order and placed in select book stores. We do not accept submissions for DSCENE.

Find both MMSCENE and DSCENE in our SHOP section.

What is DESIGN SCENE then?

Design SCENE is our mother site, where all started more than 12 years ago. Today it features mostly women’s yet it is the place where we feature both men’s and women’s collections. Design SCENE is also available as a monthly ebook/print from November 2015.

Where do you get the images featured on
Images featured on the site come from our work with agencies, photographers, and magazines.

How can we advertise online?
If you are interested in advertisement please do not hesitate to contact us –

How many people read SCENE magazines and your pages, also who are your clients?
Please find our readership in client data on our ADVERTISING page.

What are image size requirements for a news update/editorial feature?
To compile a feature we require separate JPEG files of minimal 800-900px dimension (shorter side of the image) saved for web in Very High or Maximum quality.

Can exclusive editorials for MALE MODEL SCENE / MMSCENE be republished?

By exclusive we mean unpublished images, not submitted to any other publications, or posted on your public facebook/web page, etc. You can republish the stories as editorials photographed for MMSCENE / MALE MODEL SCENE.

Do we need to talk about an exclusive story for MALE MODEL SCENE in advance?
Preferably moodboards, team and model casting should be discussed in advance.

What info do I also need to send?
For all submissions, Include a write up of all the credits, listing name of the photographer as well as the model, stylist, makeup artist. etc. Also let us know if there is a web page of yours you would like us to link back to.

How do I write the styling credits?
Please write the styling credits in correspondence with the images. Either list them on a  pdf or word file under an image, or write the styling credits according to file names. Please do not use copy/protected PDFs, we need to copy the text to prevent any possible typos.

What is a regular feature?
Regular feature is part of our daily updates, we do not include the images in MALE MODEL SCENE magazine exclusive stories. You can after our publishing share the stories with other publications.

Also, If you are submitting an exclusive shot for MMSCENE magazine please note that in your email’s subject line. Otherwise your update might be published just as a regular feature. 

We look forward to seeing your work. 



If you are interested in other forms of advertising please do not hesitate to contact us – For additional information regarding advertising in our online and print publications as well as sponsorship opportunities on our pages please contact