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Stef Van Geleuken by Martijn Smouter for Male Model Scene


Stef Van Geleuken posing for the exclusive Male Model Scene story captured by fashion photographer Martijn Smouter with styling from fashion stylist Dieudonnee Bouwman at HMS Amsterdam. Make-up by makeup artist Léon Hajenius. Stef is represented by Fourteen Model Management in Netherlands as well as Independent Men in Milano. He has started his modeling career with a walk for Dolce & Gabbana show during Milano Fashion Week in January. For the shoot Dieudonnee used pieces from Dutch designers Evana Kuik, Eveline Nederveen, and Jonathan Christopher Hofwegen.

For more of the Figlio del Bosco Battezzato del Sole story continue below.

Stef-Van-Geleuken-Martijn-Smouter-Male-Model-Scene-02 Stef-Van-Geleuken-Martijn-Smouter-Male-Model-Scene-03 Stef-Van-Geleuken-Martijn-Smouter-Male-Model-Scene-04 Stef-Van-Geleuken-Martijn-Smouter-Male-Model-Scene-05 Stef-Van-Geleuken-Martijn-Smouter-Male-Model-Scene-06 Stef-Van-Geleuken-Martijn-Smouter-Male-Model-Scene-07 Stef-Van-Geleuken-Martijn-Smouter-Male-Model-Scene-08 Stef-Van-Geleuken-Martijn-Smouter-Male-Model-Scene-09 Stef-Van-Geleuken-Martijn-Smouter-Male-Model-Scene-10 Stef-Van-Geleuken-Martijn-Smouter-Male-Model-Scene-11 Stef-Van-Geleuken-Martijn-Smouter-Male-Model-Scene-12


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