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GQ China’s “Heat Stroke” Editorial Features Ye Hao

Playful Summer Vibes Captured by Wintam

Courtesy of GQ China-GQ China’s “Heat Stroke” Editorial Features Ye Hao

Ye Hao models for GQ China in the June issue editorial titled “Heat Stroke,” a captivating photo series by photographer Wintam. This striking editorial explores the intensity of summer heat through bold styling and vibrant imagery, capturing the essence of sultry, sun-soaked days. The collaboration of skilled professionals in makeup, hairstyling, and art direction brings this concept to life, creating an evocative visual experience.

Courtesy of GQ China

The editorial, styled by Shawngao, showcases a blend of high fashion and playful summer aesthetics.The garments, featuring bold patterns and playful accessories, are chosen to reflect the editorial’s theme of heat and vibrancy.

Courtesy of GQ China

Ye Hao’s appearance is marked by a sun-kissed, almost sweaty sheen, emphasizing the scorching theme of the shoot. Makeup artist Lucas creates a look that enhances the model’s natural features while incorporating a glossy, radiant finish that suggests the sweltering heat of midsummer. Hairstylist Tao Liu complements this with a tousled, windswept hairstyle, adding to the carefree, hot-weather vibe.

Courtesy of GQ China

The incorporation of props like popsicles and inflatable pool toys lends a lighthearted touch, while the vibrant color palette of reds, golds, and yellows evokes the fiery intensity of the sun. The synergy between these elements creates a cohesive narrative that immerses the viewer in the editorial’s summery theme.


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