Celebration of art and design is at the heart of DSCENE, of the creatives and new talent we admire, the fashion we love, the art and literature that inspire us. It was ever thus at DSCENE, this is a magazine that has championed creativity for almost 15 years, but this time our positive approach is maybe more important than ever in a moment when fear and hostility might look pervasive elsewhere. Thus we ventured into creating an inspiring issue celebrating love.

Specs: Standard 8.25? x 10.75?, 132 pages Perfect-bound

Contributing Writers: Marko Ceperkovic, Milos Musicki, Mina Djuric, Sonja Avlijas

Contributing Photographers: Arale Reartes, Diana Lange, Egor Tsodov, Gus & Lo, Federica Putelli, Stefano Sciuto, Takahiro Ogawa

Featured Artists: Abraham Cruzvillegas, Matthias Garcia, Monira Al Quadiri, Vuk Cuk

Featured Designers: Christopher Kane, Kimhe?Kim, Richard Malone

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Product description

After a year of highs and lows for all of us around the world, that feeling of positivity has sometimes felt in short supply, which is why we wanted this issue of DSCENE to embrace a spirit of optimism infused with love. Thankfully, artists, fashion designers and creatives we collaborated with on the new issue were of a similar mindset.

If ever there was a tale to lift the spirits and stir the soul, it is that of Aaron Rose Philip. Model and activist who inspires all of us and who tirelessly fights for equality and rights while changing our perspective of what a real supermodel is. Aaron’s unique beauty, incredible energy and innate charisma bring to mind the bright star wattage of the original supermodel. Let us all hope that we all carry that sentiment of buoyancy and generosity of spirit into our post-pandemic life. For Aaron’s story we teamed up with returning contributor Arale Reartes who once again delivered a timeless story infused with beauty and love. Rose Philip is for her cover story interviewed by her manager and close friends but also Riccardo Tisci the Chief Creative Officer at Burberry whose look she’s wearing on the cover.


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