Discover MMSCENE 026, our October 2018 issue starring MANU RIOS on our triple covers while in the rest of the issue he’s joined by Gytis Gedvilac, Otto-Valter Vainaste, Brighton, Vito Basso, and Trevor Desanges taking the rest. 92 pages of exclusive editorials and interviews specially prepared for MMSCENE 026.

Specs: Standard 8.25? x 10.75?, 92 pages Perfect-bound

Contributing Photographers: Fabio Leidi, Sinem Yezici, Angelo Sgambati, Dominik Tarabanski, Jon Wong, Simon Cecere, Nico
Contributing Stylists: Heather Newberger, Toye Adedipe, Julie Brooke Williams, Katie Qian, Calvin Nymon, Studio B x Production
Models: Manu Rios, Gytis Gedvilac, Otto-Valter Vainaste, Brighton, Vito Basso, Trevor Desanges


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Product description

If MMSCENE is a menswear magazine, it is also, in it’s core, a magazine that celebrates models. These two elements do not necessarily always sit well together in the massive world of fashion, at times, can seem more intent on making male models look uniform or even worse, absurd rather than rejoicing in our fantastic diversities. But we remain committed to empowerment, knowing changes in the fashion industry go hand in hand with the tendencies surrounding us. In the face of a succession of parading models after a month of fashion show, one cannot help but conclude that for a moment the industry has drifted away from it’s ill fascination with uniformity. Thankfully the runways in Paris and Milan truly reflected a notable shift towards diversity. While fashion may often encourage conformity I truly hope the runways are to stay as interesting as hopeful as they are in this spring summer 2019 season about to wrap.

The definition of a male model is no doubt changing as well, top models are now expected to master a star quality on multiple levels. Such is a story of our October 2018 cover star Manu Rios, who in his own right is already a star yet only a fresh face when it comes to the modeling business. Rios who together with our Milan Editor Emily Lee and regular contributor Fabio Leidi I had a chance to work with on our cover story in Milan, is now globally signed with Next Models. Manu’s story is certainly impressive for a child star to internet sensation, despite his massive followship he managed to stay true to music his biggest passion, but at the same time is ready to open a new chapter with venturing into the fashion scene. Make sure not to miss our Editor Ana Markovic’s exclusive talk with Manu, a truly note worthy and humbling conversation with this young man.


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