New issue of MMSCENE Magazine is out now in print and digital with two cover stars – Derek Chadwick and Oliver Greenall, along with the best of the latest collections and fashion stories captured around the globe by our regular contributors. 

Specs: Standard 8.25? x 10.75?, 116 pages Perfect-bound

Contributing Photographers: Chris Fucile, Joey Leo, Kris De Smedt, Mak Yau, Mark James Dunn, Ollie Thompson, Olivier Yoan, Remi Pyrdol
Contributing Stylists: Douglas VanLaningham, Julissa Cisneros, Pierre Gorzala, Steven Doan, Syan Leung, Yannis Kyriazos

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Product description

The latest issue of MMSCENE Magazine celebrates the both sides of the fashion industry, the ever growing power of the social media as well as the industry’s respect for the craft of the fashion model. While the lines are no doubt blurred our cover stars are equally inspiring, both actors and models the two young men fronting our covers are equally influential. One is Derek Chadwick, actor and model who in the ongoing pride month is a source of inspiration to many. The other is a fashion muse to many but also an actor, writer and director Oliver Greenall. Both in exclusive interviews with our editors talk about living freely, their daily inspiration, love for fashion as well as acting, inspiring both their followers and hopefully our readers. 


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