#MMSCENE BEAUTY: Can Models Have Plastic Surgery?

Of course, nothing is stopping you. But, before you get under the knife, here’s some advice to help you with your decision.

The modelling industry is incredibly unpredictable. You can never really tell what they want and whether or not you’ve got it. Sometimes it feels like you’re hitting wall after wall and will never find your way to success. For some models, Plastic surgery has either saved or started their careers. Hollywood is swarming with plastic surgery enthusiasts. Are you thinking about getting surgery to improve your modelling career? Of course, nothing is stopping you. But, before you get under the knife, here’s some advice to help you with your decision.

Firstly, before you rush into surgery, you need to look into the kind of modelling that you’re trying to get a career in. Do you want to go into fashion modelling? Do you think you’d be better suited for commercial modelling? Do you want to focus on specialised modelling, like hand and foot modelling? Whatever field you’re thinking about, do some research before you start thinking about surgery. You never know if you might be exactly what they’re looking for.

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Sometimes, getting plastic surgery is less about the way you look and more about the way you feel. One important element in modelling that appeals to agents and clients is attitude. Even if you were the most attractive man on the planet, if you’re shying away from the camera no one is going to want to work with you. Plastic surgery involving any flaws that make you feel uncomfortable in front of the camera might be able to improve your confidence and, as a result, win you favour with more clients. It’s best not to go too crazy with the changes, though. You want to have something unique about you; otherwise you’d just be another pretty face or hot bod. Don’t feel self-conscious about your dimples or moles. In most branches of modelling they prefer you to look natural rather than physically flawless. If you can, get some feedback from any clients or agencies that rejected you. It might give a better idea about what they’re looking for.


If you’ve already established a modelling career, things are going to work a bit differently. If you have an agent or belong to an agency you can’t just change your looks without telling anyone. Consult with them before you make any big surgery decisions. Even if they approve of you getting surgery, they’re going to need to prepare for you to take some time off. Some types of surgery can take as long as six months to heal. That’s six months of not accepting clients and of taking things easy to make sure you heal properly. If you rush back into work you could end up doing some damage and permanently jeopardising your modelling career.

There is a lot that you need to think about when you start considering plastic surgery. Are you considering surgery because it will make you happy or because it will make other people happy? Ultimately, you’re the one that’s going to have to live with the results of your surgery. Would you still be happy even if it didn’t further your career? Are you prepared to accept the consequences if the results aren’t what you expected? Make sure that your 100% informed before you make your decision.

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Josh Truesdell

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