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SURF GYRE by Nino Yap for Male Model Scene


SURF GYRE story captured for Male Model Scene editorials by fashion photographer Nino Yap with up and coming models Tobias Hinchely at Diva Models and Mads Lynge at Upfront Models and 2morrow in Milano. Styling for the session is courtesy of designer Chika Iwama whose contemporary garments are featured in the shoot.

Grooming handled by Vivian VD.

Nino-Yap-Male-Model-Scene-02 Nino-Yap-Male-Model-Scene-03 Nino-Yap-Male-Model-Scene-05 Nino-Yap-Male-Model-Scene-06 nino yap Nino-Yap-Male-Model-Scene-08 Nino-Yap-Male-Model-Scene-09 Nino-Yap-Male-Model-Scene-10 Nino-Yap-Male-Model-Scene-04

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