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Exclusive: Julien Ferre Interview

julien ferre

Model: Julien Ferre
Interview by Sussan Zeck
Sussan Zeck shares with us exclusively her interview with a fellow model Julien Ferre, with a successful runway and editorial career, back in 2008 Julien was also the face of Gucci. To find out what is Julien up to now read the delightful interview after the jump.

Julien Ferre

Sussan Zeck: Mr. Ferre…
Julien Ferre: Ms. Zeck…
Sussan Zeck: What a charming city! Now we're sitting in this lovely cafe in Rue St. Honore on a sunny Friday morning; in situations like this I think life is really good to us. 🙂 
Julien Ferre: Absolutely…
Sussan Zeck: I remember the first time we met, when we female models had a cosy dinner in our model apartment and you had just arrived. And you behaved like a true gentleman – very polite. 
Julien Ferre: Oh yes, like a gentleman?
Sussan Zeck: Yes, you did. You are a very well-educated person; I like that!
Julien Ferre: Merci beaucoup, Sussan. 
Sussan Zeck: Do you think there are more gentlemen among the male models?
Julien Ferre: Definitely, and some gentlegirls.
Sussan Zeck: As far as I remember, you were discovered here. How did your story start?
Julien Ferre: Yes that's true, I was discovered in the streets of Paris by a model agent – during riots.
Sussan Zeck:What a story, during riots? You're very creative Julien, I like that.
Julien Ferre: You know I had to tell you an impressive story, non? I'm good in this. How did your story start?
Sussan Zeck: Definitely less legendary than yours. (Laughs) Sylvia Leifheit, the owner of Most Wanted Models, discovered me in Munich. No riots that day, not even a national holiday. I feel blessed about that day though. 
Julien Ferre: We are lucky, aren't we?
Sussan Zeck: Oh yes! I feel grateful about the way things developed; it is an interesting life journey and I'm grateful staying in this business for longer than one or two seasons, working stable. I'm a hard-working person though. I'm not waiting for things to happen; I'm very impatient, you know. When I'm having a day off, I'm calling everyone and usually the next day I've crossed ten plans but I'm busy again, that's funny.
Julien, talking about goals as a model, you had this huge Gucci campaign, congrats once more, so I guess you're fulfilled with your modeling career and my asking you what your goal is as a model is needless, right? What changed since then and do people recognize you on the street?
Julien Ferre: Some people recognize me which is always nice, definitely, but you know I'm not doing this for fame or money. I focus on living now. I want to travel, meet new interesting people, live each moment. It helps me a lot in networking and getting new contacts. Modeling is a fantastic opportunity, but it's a tough job. Not a lot changed since then, people on castings in Milan are always very positive though. They say, 'Hey, Julien" and remember me from the campaign. They're happy for me, I like that. 
Sussan Zeck: In other cities it's not like that on castings?
Julien Ferre: No, mainly in Milan.
Sussan Zeck: That's very down to earth, Julien. I have to say it's it’s one of my favourite Gucci campaigns, by the way. I love the concept, photography and colours.
Julien Ferre: Oh merci, don't say that, Sussan. I'm really happy about it and I like it a lot as well.
Sussan Zeck: Just in case they'll need replacement for one of their next campaigns, here I am. (Laughs)
Julien Ferre: (Laughs)
Sussan Zeck: We have some things in common…
Julien Ferre: For example, writing? 
Sussan Zeck: Yes, that's one similarity. I heard you studied Journalism, right?
Julien Ferre: That's right, and that might be one of my future jobs. I've already worked together with some magazine editors. I like both a lot — modeling and writing.
Sussan Zeck: That's an interesting mix. I'm the same. Writing relaxes me immensely; I spend hours writing. Nothing better than sitting at home on a rainy day with a cup of coffee and lounge music, writing…
Julien Ferre: Talking about music…What's your favourite music?
Sussan Zeck: I love music, what are your favourites? Rock? Red Hot Chili Peppers?
Julien Ferre: Yes, all kinds of rock, but also different kinds. I like Red Hot Chili Peppers too. Do you know what's the best song ever?
Sussan Zeck: Slam: Bright Lights Fading? 
Julien Ferre: No. Guess!
Sussan Zeck: The Presets: If I Know You? 
Julien Ferre: Continue, Sussan. That's really funny, that way I get to know some of your favourite songs as well. 🙂
Sussan Zeck: Maxence Cyrin: Sueno Latino? Spread the secret, Julien. 🙂 
Julien Ferre: The best song is "Daniel" by Bat for Lashes. 
Sussan Zeck: Oh yes, that's a great song indeed, Julien! I listen to Bat for Lashes often! Another similarity, I heard you're playing an instrument. Are you?
Julien Ferre: Yes, bass, and you?
Sussan Zeck: Violin. We shall do a band together one day.
Julien Ferre: (Laughs) 
Sussan Zeck: Let's go for a walk in Jardin du Luxembourg, maybe some music producer will discover us…during riots. 😉

Photo: CraigMcDean

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