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STYLE GUIDE: Best Anti Social Social Club T-shirts for Summer 2022

MMSCENE team prepared a list of the best Anti Social Social Club T-shirts for this summer


One of the biggest names in streetwear culture Anti Social Social Club is coming back with a new collection for the Spring Summer 2022. Titled Sick & Tired, it brings everything you’d expect from Neek Lurk and his design team. From the signature T-shirts and hoodies to flannels, light jackets, windbreakers and a bunch of accessories, to a teaser for a maybe collaboration with McLaren.


If you’re not familiar with the brand or his founder, let us put you up to speed. The founder of Anti Social Social Club Neek Lurk was no stranger to the fashion world before he invented his own brand. He started his career at Stüssy as social media director and brand manager. When he finally decided to make something on his own, he created a brand focused around his current emotions. Lurk translated his feelings to T-shirts, hoodies, caps and more. Anti Social Social Club quickly became a must have, celebrities like Kanye West, Kim Kardashian, Travis Scott, BTS have all worn Lurk’s pieces multiple times. It’s unique design is recognizable almost everywhere, T-Shirts and hoodies almost always have a short phrase like “Get Weird”, “Self Doubt” and you can’t miss their signature wavy logo. Anti Social Social Club is also well-known for it’s collaborations with Gran Turismo, A Bathing Ape, Rimowa, Playboy, Hello Kitty, Dover Street Market and more.

MMSCENE team prepared a list of the best Anti Social Social Club T-Shirts you can rock this Summer:


Anti Social Social Club x FR2 Lapin Tee ‘White’

Let’s start with Anti Social Social Club’s collaboration with Japanese streetwear brand Fxxking Rabbits or FR2 for the Spring Summer 2021 collection. The collection is a mix of both brand’s philiosophies. On the one side Ryo Ishikawa’s bold illustrations of rabbits and on the other side Neek Lurk’s signature yet simple branding and style. The classic white t-shirt maybe a safe option, but when it comes to this one, you have to be bold to carry this one out. Combine it with some cargo pants or shorts and you’re good to go. We asure you that everyone will be looking at you.


Anti Social Social Club Save Your Tears Tee ‘Black’

Save your tears for another day, because you’ll be really happy to know that this fit from Fall Winter 2021 Collection is still available. The classic black t-shirt enrichened with thunders and Anti Social Social Club logo on the centre front will surely add to your all black casual outfit while strolling or running errands.



Anti Social Social Club x Gran Turismo GT500 Tee ‘Pink’

Fusing the worlds of fashion, car culture and video games Anti Social Social Club has collaborated with Gran Turismo. Ahead of the big Gran Turismo 7 launch, Sony Interactive Entertainment teamed up with Anti Social Social Club on a collection inspired by this famous video game. Among the racing gloves, custom made wheels, the collaboration also includes a custom vehicle skin for the Toyota Supra GT-500-spec designed by Neek Lurk’s team. If you’re a big fan of the game, you’ll most definetly like the t-shirt merging these two big brands.


Anti Social Social Club Over Thinking 21 Tee ‘White’

For all of you fellow overthinkers Anti Social Social Club has a t-shirt. Simple white tee with pale pink Over Think phrase in a blue bubble is a must have piece if you stand in front of your closet and overthink about what are you going to wear. The t-shirt also features brand’s logo in pale pink on the back as well as on the front.


Anti Social Social Club Vertical Horizon Tee ‘White’

Last, but not least, the classic white t-shirt with Anti Social Social Club logo written in large all over the piece. You want everyone to know that you respect and worship Anti Social Social Club, then this is the style for you. It’s easy to match, pair it with slouchy pants and good accessories and the world is yours.

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