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5 Ways To Get In Male Supermodel Shape in 2019

Jonathan Bellini

Well, it’s that time of year again. New Year’s Resolutions are just around the corner, so no doubt a lot of people are in the throes of thinking long and hard about what they want to do differently next year. For a lot of us, getting into shape features pretty high on that new year’s bucket list. The thing is, while shedding some pounds is a noble goal, making it happen is often an entirely different matter! [Image brazilian top model Jonathan Bellini @jouubellini ]

Here’s five strategies which may help you look like a male model in 2019.

Augusta Alexander

Get inspired by Austrian model Augusta Alexander, who shares his workouts and is currently serving the army – more @augustaalexander

1. Consider a Beachbody Coach

One of the biggest challenges of getting in shape is maintaining your motivation. We’ve all seen those people who make all kinds of new years’ resolutions only to give up within a week or two. Perhaps you’re one of them! I know I’m guilty. One great way to bust past that motivation barrier is to get a coach to help you keep your eye on the prize. While there are any number of services out there, Beachbody is consistently popular because a) they have a great lineup of home workout products, and b) they have a reputation for promoting fitness for people from all walks of life.

Because they’re so inclusive, many people find them a great fit. Check out this article for information
about how Beachbody coaching works, so you can decide if this is the right option for you.

2. Join a Fitness Group

Accountability helps, wherever you can find it. Getting fit on your own is a lonely journey and it’s so much harder to keep at it, day after day, without a support network around you. When it comes down to it, we humans are best when we’re working as a team, so “getting tribal with it” and assembling a group of like minded fitness seekers can be a great strategy for tackling your fitness goals.

andres sanjuan

Spanish top model Andres Sanjuan is all about art, music and staying fit. From yoga, calisthenics to rock climbing follow Andres on IG @andres.sanjuan

An obvious way to get hooked up to that social network is a gym, but it’s far from the only way. If you don’t have the moolah for a gym membership (or if you simply despise gyms) why not jump onto a social interests website like Meetup?

Spend just a few minutes browsing around in your area and you’re likely to find any number of fitness groups, from hiking to yoga to jumping around in front of an Xbox console. Once you find “your people,” the fitness journey can become that much easier.

3. Invest In a Health Wearable

Maybe you’re not into the social side of life? I hear ya, fam. For a lot of folks, getting fit can be an intensely private journey, and one you’d rather walk on your own. If this describes you, you might want to look into using some kind of fitness wearable like a Fitbit or the Apple Watch. The beauty of a wearable device is that it lets you measure your progress long before you see a physical change in your body, and this can be a great vehicle for keeping you motivated and focused.

pietro boselli

The famous Mathematics teacher and Italian top model Pietro Boselli is all about staying fit – find him on IG @pietroboselli

For example, you might decide to look at how many steps you can get in every week and try to go for a personal best. Or you might want to look at your calorie intake and track your progress in gradually lowering it to a healthy level. You might even decide to measure your resting heart rate as a way to measure your cardio health.

Whatever it is, if you’re a number driven person, a health wearable can be a great step in the right direction.

4. Subscribe to a Streaming Fitness Service

For a lot of folks, getting out of the front door is the single biggest obstacle to taking time for fitness. Maybe you have a busy family life with kids. Perhaps you have mobility issues. It may just be that you’re of a particularly introverted type and you can’t stomach the idea of getting fit around others, day after livelong day. If this is you, subscribing to a service like Daily Burn may be the answer you’re looking for.

brandon good

Los Angeles model Brandon Good shares his life and workout inspiration on his IG @goodbhavior

They offer a range of programs at varying fitness levels, and a daily live show, which generates a sense of community without making any social demands on you whatsoever. Best of all (particularly for busy types) it has to be one of the most flexible options out there. You can pick up a class whenever it works for you.

5. Change The Goalposts

Another way to get fit is to change the goal posts a little on what fitness actually means to you. We’re surrounded by images of people at peak physical fitness. We’re constantly barraged with messages about how it’s so important to be lean and muscular. Not only is this an entirely unrealistic goal for the vast majority of people out there leading a busy life, it can also be incredibly demotivating. Getting into great shape in 2019 may be that much easier for you if you spend some time defining precisely what it is you want for yourself, and why.
fit top model

edison fan
Edison Fan Chinese social media heartthrob and top model from New Zealand is all about staying fit and beautiful style. Fan started his own sportswear from his lover from fashion called OMG (On My Game) – keep up with Edison on IG @edisonfanye

If your goal is to be healthy and to lead a fulfilling and active life, it might be time to find some acceptance of the fact that you don’t actually need visible abdominal muscles like a supermodel! If what you want most of all is to be able to spend time doing what you love with your family, maybe you don’t need thighs that could crack walnuts or biceps which audibly hum when you’re lugging shopping bags in from the car. Be reasonable with yourself and take time to find what motivates you! We’re all different, after all. And there’s something to be said for taking a deep breath and remembering that January 1, 2019 is just an arbitrary date on a contrived calendar in a life full of meaningful moments.

Whatever your health goals for 2019, I hope you enjoy the ride.

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