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Tomer Hacohen by Or Danon for MMSCENE Portraits

MMSCENE Portraits series starring Tomer Hacohen take on denim styling in front of the lens of Or Danon – see more:

Photo ©Or Danon for MMSCENE

Captivating new MMSCENE Portraits series featuring Tomer Hacohen is a striking visual narrative that showcases the versatility and charisma of the model. Through the lens of Or Danon, each portrait embodies a different facet of Tomer’s personality, from brooding intensity to casual coolness.

Photographed by Or Danon, with cinematic quality, Tomer Hacohen delivers a performance that is both engaging and authentic.

Photo ©Or Danon for MMSCENE
Photo ©Or Danon for MMSCENE
Photo ©Or Danon for MMSCENE

Represented by BOLD Content Agency, Tomer’s strong features and athletic build are accentuated by the stylistic choices of Hila Gerby. The wardrobe oscillates between the timeless appeal of denim and the understated allure of a plain white tank top, tied together with a relaxed yet deliberate sense of style.

Photo ©Or Danon for MMSCENE

Discover more of the shoot in our gallery – Continue for more of our MMSCENE Portrait session starring Tomer:

Photographer – Or Danon – @ordanon
Model – Tomer Hacohen
Agency – BOLD Content Agency
Style by Hila Gerby

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