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Count Nikolai of Monpezat for Cartier

Cartier goes royal for the latest shoot starring Count Nikolai of Monpezat – here’s more:

Nikolai of Monpezat
Nikolai of Monpezat for Cartier – Photo ©Marco van Rijt for Cartier

In a striking portrait series for the latest Cartier jewelry and watches campaign, Count Nikolai of Monpezat exudes a quiet confidence that is as timeless as it is modern. Captured by the lens of Marco van Rijt, the Count presents an image of understated elegance. His pose is relaxed yet composed, with a watchful gaze that speaks of a contemplative nature. The fashion editor, Rikke Wackerhausen, has styled him in a plush, dark fur coat that contrasts with the crisp simplicity of his white shirt, embodying a juxtaposition of luxury and purity.

The texture of his wavy hair, artfully tousled by hair stylist Mette Thorsgaard, adds a touch of nonchalance to his otherwise polished appearance. This editorial choice by Thorsgaard brings a contemporary edge to the noble lineage that Count Nikolai represents, suggesting a blend of royal heritage with modern sensibilities.

Nikolai of Monpezat
Photo ©Marco van Rijt for Cartier

As a face of Cartier, Count Nikolai brings more than just aristocratic charm; he carries a narrative of sophistication that the brand is celebrated for. His representation by leading modeling agencies such as Elite Paris, Sight Management Studio, and Scoop Models in Copenhagen underscores his versatility and global appeal. Kult Models Australia‘s inclusion in his repertoire suggests a reach that extends to diverse markets, highlighting his international presence in fashion.

This image is not just a fashion statement but a testament to the Count’s ability to navigate the realms of aristocracy and fashion with equal aplomb. It speaks of a legacy being carried forward through the avenues of high fashion, where the regal and the contemporary meet in a harmonious blend. With each agency’s unique vision, Count Nikolai’s modeling career is as multifaceted as the watch he dons – classic, yet at the forefront of style.

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