BEAUTY & GROOMING: 7 Skincare Tips For A Smoother Skin

Skincare Tips

No one wants wrinkly, dry skin. We all desire smoother and radiant skin because it makes us look more appealing. The smoother skin us look healthier and stronger. It gives us a bright outlook on life. This is why the Beauty industry has put a lot of emphasis on creating products to enhance our skin texture. For example, the salicylic acid gel peel by Skin Pro acts as a chemical peel to reduce the appearance of blackheads, whitehead, acne, or any breakout. These innovative ideas and products are ways to help us obtain maximum results for our skin.

If you are interested in smoother skin, there are a couple of tips and strategies that you can try.

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Skincare Tips

Living a healthy lifestyle

You probably heard the popular quote “beauty comes from within,” and that applies to our skin as well. If we drink plenty of water, eat healthily, and exercise daily, it will keep our skin smoother and glowing beautifully. The lack of hydration and junk food can dry out your skin resulting in wrinkles and acne. Therefore, if you crave for healthy looking skin, then you should start by living a healthy lifestyle.

Using a cleanser

It’s important to cleanse our skin twice a day for a healthy skin care regime. The problem with our skin is that sweat, oil, dirt, and makeup can actually clog our pores. This can lead to inflammation and skin irritation that can cause a major break out. When we cleanse our skin twice a day, it helps get rid of dirt and debris that are trapped within our pores. Plus, when you use warm water to cleanse your face, you will dilate your pores to help absorb moisture from lotions or creams that you will put after cleansing your face. It’s important to use a high-quality cleanser such as Neutrogena which is gentle for delicate skin.

Stop smoking Tobacco has nicotine which can constrict your blood vessels. This can reduce blood flow to your skin. Because of this issue, your skin will become dry, wrinkly, and damage. This is why the majority of smokers tend to look much older and have drier skin. If you want a beautiful radiant skin, it’s important to stop smoking.

Avoid Alcohol

Alcohol is a beverage to avoid or reduce the intake. Alcohol contains a lot of parasympathetic ingredients that can slow down your brain but can also cause your skin to be dry and droopy. This is why during a hangover, people say to drink a lot of water because you are dehydrated from the alcohol. Severe dehydration can dry out your skin and can destroy the elasticity of your skin. If you really want smoother and radiant skin, it’s best to reduce or stop your intake of alcohol.

Skincare Tips

Using a skin mask on a daily basis

Skin mask plays an important role in your skin. It provides your skin with all the minerals and nutrients that it needs to be healthy. In fact, you can actually make your own skin mask. People often put avocado, honey, and banana in a blender to create a mask. You can also use honeydew, cantaloupe, or other fruits as well. Once you create your mask, apply it to your skin and wait 15 to 30 minutes and wash it off. This is so your skin can absorb all the nutrients and minerals from these ingredients to rejuvenate itself. You can use sliced cucumbers and place them on your eyes to get rid of dark circles around your eyes.

Reduce anxiety

Have you ever noticed that when students are cramming for a really hard exam the next day, they tend to break out in acne and pimples? That is because they are extremely stressed. Stress releases cortisol which are hormones responsible for causing skin problems. The best way to keep your stress under control is to do some meditation and yoga.

Using your body lotion after the shower

The best habit to have is to apply body lotion right after you get out of the shower. This is mainly because the warm water from your shower will dilate your pores and relax your muscles. When that happens, it’s a perfect opportunity to apply lotion. When you get out the shower, don’t dry off your skin completely just grab a towel and gently dab your skin so it’s partially dry. You want to have some remaining water. The combination of the body lotion and the water will provide extra moisturizer for your skin. The hydration can easily get through the dilated pores to replenish your skin, therefore, giving you a smoother and softer glow.

If you want healthier and smoother skin, then it’s important to try out these tips and strategies on a daily basis. Chemical peels can help get rid of acne and oily skin. Cleansing your face twice a day can get rid of dirt and debris from your pores. Eating healthy and exercising daily can rejuvenate your body and skin. Wearing a mask can help your skin absorb maximum nutrition. Giving up smoking and alcohol can reduce the aging effect that can happen on your skin. Decreasing anxiety can prevent potential breakouts. With these strategies, you can rest assured that your skin will definitely thank you and remain glowing and shining.

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