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Modeling Isn’t All About How You Look, But Who You Are


Lots of people want to get into modeling. Lots of them look great, have a sense of style, and maybe even a little business acumen. Yet many of them fail. It can be difficult for people outside of the modeling industry to understand why these seemingly qualified people don’t make it in the industry. But for people who have made a career in modeling, who know just how hard it is to make this thing happen, there isn’t much question. Modeling is hard, and it takes someone with a lot of talent, but also a lot of willingness to improve himself. That takes hard work and bravery, and looks don’t have anything to do with that aspect of it.


One way this is manifest is in the way models take care of their bodies. Sure, it’s fun to laugh at Zoolander at certain kinds of drinking and drug-taking, but these aren’t the norm for people who tend to make a long term career of modeling. People who model seriously take care of their bodies, and find ways to invest in making them look and work better. One of these is laser eye surgery. While it may not seem the most important investment for a professional model, laser eye surgery helps preserve the sensitivity of the eyes. A good eye is essential for any model who wants to stay on the cutting edge of style. 


Another way to make a better go as a model, without changing the way you look at all, is to improve your mind. Modelling is a difficult business, even when looks and experience are not taken into account. It’s hard for models to understand early on what they’re due, and how best to make their way in the world of modeling. Business lessons and personal finance learning are both great tools of the model, and it’s good for any aspiring model to invest in these, especially as they pertain to modeling specifically.


Finally, it’s important for models to have strong communities of supportive people. This can be a challenge, especially for people who maybe moved to a big city in order to get involved with a scene, but don’t know a lot of people. It can be hard to form meaningful relationships, but it’s not impossible. Take the time to get out and meet people. See a therapist if you feel alone and need someone to talk to. Join community groups and, perhaps most importantly, hang out with people who are not models sometimes! It can give you a different and helpful perspective on life.


Modeling is tough. The difference between someone who succeeds and someone who fails (or, perhaps more accurately, someone who lasts and someone who doesn’t) can sometimes be hard to pinpoint. People who succeed in modeling commonly have great skills in the above. Make those happen for yourself, and your career in modeling is likely to be a whole lot longer.

All photos by Igor C with models Ivan Markioli, Dimitrije Saratlic and other from FOX Fashion Agency Belgrade. Styling by Zarko Davinic featuring designers Milica Vukadinovic and Marko Glavinic as well as pieces from NIKE, Issey Miyake, and Calvin Klein. For more of our exclusive web and print stories visit MMSCENE exclusive archive page. 

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