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Sebastian & Pavel for Closer by Cecilie Harris & India Hobson

Sebastian Sauve

Book: Closer
Cover Models: Pavel Baranov, Sebastian Sauve
Photographer: Cecilie Harris
Cecilie Harris and India Hobson of Boys by Girls are back with their 2nd photo book, on its 118 pages Closer features profiles of 17 noted models shot in London, Stockholm and Budapest.

With this book we wanted to leave out all the fashion stuff and simply focus on the real beauty of the boys. So we shot them in their own clothes, no hair and make-up (other than what they'd normally do themselves) and in their home environment. Through all these months of shooting it has turned into our favorite way of working, and each and every model provided something unique. – Cecilie Harris
Closer is available to buy in print hard cover and soft cover, front cover features Sebastian Sauve while the back one goes to Pavel Baranov. Have a better look of the two after the jump:

Sebastian Sauve Pavel Baranov

Stay tuned for more from Closer!

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