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Tommy Dunn by Gonzalo Machado for El Pais


Tommy Dunn is a fashionable dad for EL PAIS Semanal story captured by photographer Gonzalo Machado. Tommy is represented by View Management in Barcelona and Kult Model Agency in Germany among other.

Tommy-Dunn-Gonzalo-Machado-El-Pais-08 Tommy-Dunn-Gonzalo-Machado-El-Pais-09 Tommy-Dunn-Gonzalo-Machado-El-Pais-06 Tommy-Dunn-Gonzalo-Machado-El-Pais-07 Tommy-Dunn-Gonzalo-Machado-El-Pais-04 Tommy-Dunn-Gonzalo-Machado-El-Pais-05 Tommy-Dunn-Gonzalo-Machado-El-Pais-03 Tommy-Dunn-Gonzalo-Machado-El-Pais-02

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