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5 Methods: How to Brush up Writing Skills

Fashion Journalism, Creative writing, Menswear Fashion Writer, Novelist etc. are the trends which are applicable from far time ago and still they are managing their own importance. In today’s time, there are so many students, professionals are there who want to build their career in the shadow of writing, or there are many professionals who want to earn their big amounts from the writing. For those hues improvement in writing is must because it can give the strong pillar to their career. Writing is evergreen field because no one can deny the importance of it. So if there is someone who is taking writing as a serious profession, he is proper to correct direction. It is not important that you should be master of language and its skills; you may improve it by yourself and such articles (like this one) which are helpful to improve your writing skills.

Here in this article, we are giving you 5 basic methods on brushing up your writing skills. And we are sure that this will help you out for your batter writing profession. So here we go…


#01 Try to use Active voice – Not Passive voice.

Active voice and Passive voice both are there in English grammar to improve the manifestation of the language, but when it comes to a personal profession, you should use Active voice. Basically, Active voice took few words to complete the sentence for example “The president inaugurates the mall.“, but at the same time when you want to say this talk in the passive voice, you will say “The mall was inaugurated by the president.” So here you can see it is adding complexity to the sentence which may make reader bore.

One liner
⦁ It is not like never to use Passive voice, but try to reduce the efforts of readers.
⦁ Active voice makes sentence easy to write and easy to read and understand.
⦁ In passive voice, you have to make usage of “to be” verb form always.

#02 Strong words are good

Words are the power of any language just as they are in fashion journalism no matter how frivolous you think the fashion can be. Your presentation of written work becomes added decorative effects by using the strong words, that is also one of the aims in our MMSCENE print magazine as well. Here the meaning of the strong word is not like complex spelling-oriented words or hard to pronounce words. The Strong word means correct word, the word which is perfectly suitable for the message that you want to convey. Sometimes a sentence loses its actual meaning due to the choice of poor words. Instead of using ‘she opined’ words you can simply use ‘she said’ words which can maintain the focus of reader in your writing.

One liner
⦁ Keep in mind strong word does not mean heavy word.
⦁ The Strong word means exactly appropriate word.
⦁ Use simple but effective words which make a perfectly good impression.

#03 Try to have Short & Sweet approach

The message which you want to give in 30 words never tries to give it in 50 words, because the bunch of unnecessary words will make misunderstanding in your sentence. The actual purpose of the lines will be lost by using unnecessary words. Sometimes many readers are making the same mistake, in greed of adding more length in the article; they are using a bunch of words, which becomes the cause of misunderstanding and wrong interpretation. So always accept the Short & Sweet approach in your writing.

One liner
⦁ A bunch of words will make a misunderstanding.
⦁ The long description makes wrong interpretation.
⦁ To maintain the focus of reader is must thing for a writer.

#04 Be concise for your readers

Always try to keep in your mind the audience for which you are writing. Always make sure for which reader class you are writing; it will help you to increase the sharpness in your written work. Let suppose you are writing an email to a corporate person then you should not use decorative words or emotional words, you should go for short, sweet and effective words. There if you are using poetry suitable words then it will make the wrong impression. Just like that when you write poetry use emotional and meaningful words, there you can’t use corporate words. When the matter is different you should use different packing. Keep in mind that reader is not having much time to read paragraphs. So always serve the favorite dish to your reader. It should be different when you are writing a letter to your boss/ colleague and friends.

One liner
⦁ When Chocolate is different, Wrapper should different.
⦁ Serve the favorite dish
⦁ Understand that your reader does not have much time to read.

#05 Proofreading is must

Once you complete your writing, proofreading gives you 2 stars extra. Here you are checking your grammatical mistakes, the repetition of sentence etc. error are coming to notice when you make proofreading. Your own proofreading will let you know about the strength of your own skills. You will get an idea of the focus details of your written work by your own proofreading. The chances of making mistakes become much lower by your proofreading. So many writers are making same mistakes while the time of speedy writing, so there are chances of errors and mistakes, to overcome of this writer should do proofreading which will make difference in your writing. Proofread is the final touch to your work. As a professional beautician or makeup artist gives a final touch up to his client, Proofreading is also final touch up for the writer. With proofreading, the writer becomes his or her own editor.

One liner
⦁ Read out your work loud.
⦁ Become your own editor.
⦁ Proofread is the cherry on the icing.

So, my dear writers, it is all about adding the perfection in your written work. Writing is subject of skill, and you can polish the skill but can’t give birth to it, so each and every writer is special and unique but such articles can improve their skills and try to help get maximum output from those. So here we present the 5 Methods: How to Brush up Writing Skills. I am sure that these five methods will add five stars in your written work.

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