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Men’s Fashionable Wardrobe Essentials

To ensure you are always looking your best, you should stock your wardrobe with the following essentials.

Photo ©Mark Mendez for MMSCENE Magazine

Even though men’s fashion may seem significantly less complex in comparison to women’s fashion, it is undeniably effortless to forget fashion rules and end up looking less than appropriate at times. While keeping your work wardrobe classy and stylish is quite simple despite the varying choices available, maintaining a fashionable aura while you aren’t at the office is substantially more challenging. To ensure you are always looking your best, you should stock your wardrobe with the following essentials.

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Photo ©Mark Mendez for MMSCENE Magazine

A Comfy Hoodie

There’s no denying that hoodies will stay a trendy wardrobe essential for years to come, which is why you will need at least one comfortable hoodie to keep up to date with the trends. Your hoodie will likely be your go-to item when the weather is a bit colder and the best aspect of these timeless trendy items is that they coordinate exceptionally well with casual clothing items. If you really want to take your trendsetting character to the next level, you could consider ordering a custom hoodie that will boast your very own personalized image or wording choice. This will essentially give your basic yet stylish wardrobe the ultimate edge as you won’t be bumping into anyone flaunting the exact same design. Originality is definitely one of the most notable aspects of being fashionable, which is why personalizing hoodies and other wardrobe essentials has become such a popular option.

Versatile Trousers

Every man should have a few pairs of versatile trousers such as chinos. There may be a lot of varying styles available although chinos are widely considered the most versatile trouser choice next to denim jeans. Therefore, it would be wise to kit out your wardrobe with a few pairs of chinos in varying colours. Opting for at least two dark colours and two lighter tones would be best as this will allow you maximum coordinating possibilities with only minimum items. You should also purchase at least one pair of comfortable slacks and flannel shorts to ensure you are ready for any kind of weather or social event. It goes without saying that you should invest in a pair or two of quality well-fitted denim jeans. When it comes to purchasing denim jeans, it is crucial to understand the fit is everything as the wrong fit can completely destroy your look.

Photo ©Mark Mendez for MMSCENE Magazine

Dress Shirts And Casual Shirts

Even though you may assume that dress shirts belong in your work wardrobe, it is a great idea to keep at least seven collared shirts in your wardrobe in varying colours and patterns. You will be able to wear your casual button-down shirts to semi-formal social events and dress up a pair of jeans with a dress shirt for an anticipated date night. Keeping a charming collection of collared dress shirts and casual shirts is essential for any well-dressed man. In addition to this, you should also keep a collection of well-fitted casual tee shirts. This means steering clear of oversized tee shirts as well as tee shirts that are uncomfortably tight.

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