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Men’s Fashion: The Top 6 Trends for Spring 2020

2020 is the year that you should take the gamble and be true to yourself

Rafa Miller
Photo ©Danilo Pavlovic for MMSCENE

2020 is set to be an exciting year for men’s fashion as the industry and the public alike seem to have finally realized, and even embraced, the notion that men do not have to look like a walking, talking stereotype to be accepted.

Long gone are the days when men had to fit into a certain fashion category or box, such as a smart suit wearer or a rugged jeans and jumper type.

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Raf Miller
Rafa Miller by Photo ©Danilo Pavlovic for MMSCENE

Nowadays, men can be whatever they want to be, and this has certainly been reflected on the catwalks this season, with many trends nodding towards a much more feminine and beautiful style of clothes and accessories, not to mention a few vampy ones too.

Move over, ladies – it’s time for the men to take centre stage.

1. Seriously sensual satin

Spring is the ideal time of year to introduce lighter fabrics, and satin is the must-have material for 2020 due to its nod to the ‘60s, which is a decade that is coming back with a bang next year. Look for floral patterns that scream springtime, coupled with low necklines for a sexy and louche vibe.

Flashy fuchsia also made a big statement on the runways, so rock two trends at once with a stunning, fuchsia satin suit.

2. Champion the cargo pant

Embrace your inner, grunge god with these ‘90s throwback style of pants that, when matched with the right shirt or jumper, can make the perfect workwear for the new season. Search the stores for versions with over-sized pockets – the bigger the better –to team with a casual, leather belt for a sleek finish.

Although open to everyone, this rock’n’roll trend looks awesome on those with full, flowing hair. If you are not blessed in this department, check out these hair transplant reviews, and see if you can do something about your lack of locks and boost your confidence in whatever trends you try out.

3. Marvel at mesh

Not a look for the shy type, mesh and sheer fashion is certainly a bold choice, but if you do decide to take the risk, you will definitely not regret it. Both sexy and fierce, sheer fabrics are the ideal way to show your versatility as a fashion-forward man.

With mesh trench coats, see-through shirts and sheer vests all featuring heavily on the catwalks, you are spoilt for choice when deciding how to wear this trend.

4. Sustainable seaside-inspired stripes

Who doesn’t love the nautical trend? Spring is the perfect time to bring out the sailor in you. Fashion-wise, that is – there’s no need to actually sail into the sunset, unless you want to of course.

The seaside trend is nothing new, as it does the rounds every year and with good cause, as it is so versatile and suits pretty much everyone. But, in 2020, it will have a slightly new take, with many designers using recycled fabrics as a nod to the importance of looking after our natural surroundings.

This is one bandwagon that all fashion enthusiast should jump on.

Rafael Miller
Photo ©Danilo Pavlovic for MMSCENE

5. Monochrome leather

Not a fabric that you would normally associate with spring, but nevertheless, this material featured heavily on the SS20 runways in the form of suits, shirts, trousers and even vests.

Although, the most notable trend seemed to be in wearing it in one block colour, such as a brown leather suit or black pants coupled with a black leather coat.
You heard it here first.

6. Go graphic with prints

You can’t go wrong with an eye-catching print, especially when emblazoned across an over-sized shirt or jacket. Animals prints in particular proved to be popular at Dries Van Noten, with not only leopard print options but also the less-seen tiger and jaguar prints.

Embrace big and bold prints for SS20, and don’t be afraid to mix and match.

If you’ve always wanted to push the boundaries fashion-wise but never quite had the confidence to do so, then 2020 is the year that you should take the gamble and be true to yourself. Never before have men been able to express themselves quite so openly and freely as they can now, so take advantage of it!

Images by Danilo Pavlovic for MMSCENE

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