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MMSCENE Exclusive Interview with Halen Ray

Halen Ray discusses his dual career as a model and Pyro Flow performer, the challenges and rewards of both, and his vision for the future

Interview with Halen Ray

Halen Ray is a multifaceted artist whose journey into the world of modeling and performance art is nothing short of inspiring. Beginning his modeling career in 2016 at the age of 18, Halen was discovered on social media by a local talent scout. Over the next seven years, he diligently built his portfolio and established himself in the modeling industry. Simultaneously, Halen pursued his passion for circus arts and fire dancing, a unique combination that sets him apart in both fields. In early 2024, Halen joined Twenty Model Management, marking a new chapter in his career. Beyond the runway, Halen captivates audiences with his Pyro Flow performances, where he blends physical, mental, and spiritual expression into mesmerizing displays of artistry. His work is characterized by a deep respect for the primal beauty of fire and a dynamic relationship that moves in harmony and flow. As he continues to balance his modeling career with his performances, Halen remains committed to inspiring others through his art, constantly focused on creativity and self-expression.


For this exclusive MMSCENE interview, photographer Jesús P. Garcia captures Halen Ray at Twenty Model Management. 

photography © Jesús P. Garcia for MMSCENE
photography © Jesús P. Garcia for MMSCENE

Halen, can you tell us about your journey into modeling and how you got started with Twenty Model Management?
Hey, sure. My journey into modeling began in 2016 at the age of 18, when I was scouted on social media by a local talent scout who invited me to meet with their agency. After signing, I spent the next seven years building my portfolio and getting acquainted with the modeling world. During this time, I began a career as a fire artist, aiming to merge both worlds. In 2023, I left that agency to focus on performance and prop making. Early in 2024, I met Nicky and Robin while performing at an event and immediately joined Twenty Model Management.

As a Pyro Flow performer, how did you discover your passion for dancing with fire, and what drew you to this unique art form?
I started circus arts and fire dancing as a child and have been developing my skills ever since. The flow arts offer something special to both the artist and the spectator, blending physical, mental, and spiritual expression while also creating a mesmerizing show. Fire is primal and beautiful. It gives and it takes away; we have to respect it and build a relationship with it, then we move together in harmony and flow. This dynamic and engaging relationship is what drew me to this art form.

photography © Jesús P. Garcia for MMSCENE
photography © Jesús P. Garcia for MMSCENE

How do you balance your modeling career with your performances as a Pyro Flow artist? Are there any challenges or advantages to juggling both?
Balancing both careers works well for me. During the day, I train, make props, attend castings, and take on modeling jobs, while evenings are reserved for performances and socializing. Flow and circus arts keep me in shape and motivated, and performing at events is a great networking opportunity. However, summer can be challenging with overbooked schedules, but I manage by prioritizing and balancing learning, earning, and fun. Good thing I know how to juggle.

Can you describe a typical day in your life when you’re not on set or performing?
My daily routine varies, but I start with physical exercise (yoga, calisthenics, hiking, climbing, flow arts) and mental training (meditation, focused breathing, brain games, language learning). I like to enjoy a smoothie while handling social media for the day. Making to-do lists helps keep me on track. I spend the most time fabricating fire props, doing business admin, and researching interesting topics, but I always make time for music and nature, often with friends, both furry and otherwise.

photography © Jesús P. Garcia for MMSCENE
photography © Jesús P. Garcia for MMSCENE
photography © Jesús P. Garcia for MMSCENE

What has been the most rewarding aspect of your modeling career so far? And what about the most challenging?
The most rewarding aspect has been meeting incredible artists and connecting with other models in unique locations, discussing our outlooks on life. I love working with different photographers and looking through their eyes to meet all the different versions of myself that they bring out. The most challenging experience was definitely signing the release for my first full nude photoshoot for Yummy Magazine, overcoming societal stigma and my own programming to embrace the final product.

How do you prepare mentally and physically for a Pyro Flow performance? Are there any specific routines or rituals you follow?
Performing at my level requires consistent training for fitness and mental clarity, especially for choreographed shows. Before every performance, I do a short warm-up and centering exercise, which can be considered a ritual of sorts.

photography © Jesús P. Garcia for MMSCENE
photography © Jesús P. Garcia for MMSCENE

What advice would you give to aspiring models and performers who look up to you and want to follow a similar path?
The world always needs more creatives. Whether you’re a model, athlete, musician, or painter, we are all artists. Step out and follow your passion! Engage with life and give the universe something to support. Leaving your comfort zone may be scary, but it opens up the world to you. Remember, bravery exists in the face of fear, and it’s okay to fail. Learn from your mistakes and keep moving forward.

Looking ahead, what are your future goals and aspirations in both your modeling and performing careers? Any exciting projects on the horizon?
I want to build on my current achievements and keep expanding my horizons to experience more of the world through modeling. I aim to take my fire dancing with me and inspire awe and curiosity in others by sharing my passion for movement and self-discovery. In the long term, I envision a farm with a movement arts and life alignment retreat center, where we can connect deeper with ourselves and heal together.

photography © Jesús P. Garcia for MMSCENE
photography © Jesús P. Garcia for MMSCENE
photography © Jesús P. Garcia for MMSCENE

Model – Halen Ray @halen_ray
Model agency – @twentymodelmanagement
Photographer – Jesús P. Garcia @jesus.garciaphoto

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