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MMSCENE Exclusive Interview with Marian REY

Marian Talks about his journey to modeling, navigating the fashion industry and future ambitions

In this exclusive MMSCENE interview with Marian Ray, he talks about being catapulted into the fashion world from a sales background in Australia at the age of 23. His journey begins with a simple act of reaching out to photographers on Facebook, leading to a collaboration for a final exam project that opened the doors to the modeling industry. He talks about the essential traits such as resourcefulness, obsession, and patience, vital for success in the competitive modeling landscape, and dealing with criticism. Beyond modeling, his interests in the gym, music, and finance tell us more about him as an individual, with ambitions extending towards performance arts.


Marian REY, represented by The Circle Models, posed for the latest MMSCENE PORTRAITS exclusive story captured by fashion photographer Sasha Olsen. For the session Marian is wearing selected pieces from Orlebar Brown, Personal Parade, Calvin Klein, Boss, Hardwood Classics Vintage Collection, Birkenstock, and Bottega Veneta.

Discover more of the session + read full interview below:

Shirt ORLEBAR BROWN, Shorts PERSONAL PARADE / photo by Sasha Olsen for MMSCENE

Can you tell us about your journey into the world of modeling?
I started in Australia at 23. I was in sales at that time. I always had an interest for modelling and people around me would tell me to try it. So I went on a Facebook group and started messaging a bunch of photographers. One responded, he was in his last year of photography studies. He chose me for his final exam. He was then signed as a photographer a week later. Then the agency called me and I also signed that day. Pretty fortunate! Shout out to Edward!

Can you share a memorable moment from your modeling career?
It has to be The shoot I did for l’officiel shot by Sasha Olsen my great friend! Definitely one of my most notorious jobs so far! Amazing team, location and images! 

Shirt ORLEBAR BROWN, Shorts PERSONAL PARADE / photo by Sasha Olsen for MMSCENE
Shorts PERSONAL PARADE / photo by Sasha Olsen for MMSCENE

What do you believe are the essential qualities or skills that a successful male model should possess?
Being resourceful, obsessed and patient. 

How do you prepare for a modeling assignment or casting call?
I read the brief a few times the night before. Do it all in my head a few times. 
I walk in Calm and collected. Not showing too much personality. Sometimes it works best as the client can have the freedom to perceive you how they want. If you come off too strong your image may not be relatable to their Brand. I walk in as a blank sheet of paper for the casting director to draw whatever they want on it. 

How do you handle rejection or criticism in the modeling industry, and how do you stay motivated and resilient?
I only listen to a few key voices. To be honest the harshest feedbacks I get come from me. So having a positive internal dialogue works great for me. I would also say that taking a step back is very important to have the most neutral point of view and make adjustments from there. Staying motivated isn’t a problem for me. I gave up everything for this life so there’s no other option for me other than success and of course having fun along the way. 

Jeans CALVIN KLEIN / photo by Sasha Olsen for MMSCENE

Outside of modeling, how do you like to spend your free time? 
I love the gym. I love music and dancing. I love the beach and people watching. I also try to enjoy stillness more, being present and enjoying random thoughts or sounds that surrounds me. 

Do you have any hobbies or interests that you’re passionate about?
My nerdy side would say finance! I also love trying new clothes on and challenging the norms while looking for elegance and class. 

Jeans CALVIN KLEIN / photo by Sasha Olsen for MMSCENE
Underwear BOSS / photo by Sasha Olsen for MMSCENE

Are there any skills or talents you’re currently developing or interested in exploring further?
Yes I want to become a performer. Something that has to do with moving my body, flowing to music and even acting. Im opened to any kind of performing. 

Can you share a favorite travel destination?
Anywhere tropical with the beach. Great local food and lots of sun. I stay away from the cold. Would love to check out Greece next but eventually making my way to LA. 

What’s on your current playlist?
Sade, Erikha badhu, Jill Scott !!!


What’s the last thing you binge watched? 
I’m not watching anything at the moment. Mostly binge listening Spotify to find new gems to boogie to! 

What are your long-term career goals in modeling, and how do you plan to achieve them?
I want to work towards notorious high end  classy campaigns. Ultimate goal would be a parfume. My plan right now is to start being more strategic when it comes to the image or message I want to convey. Quality over quantity. And obviously keeping up with the right physique, and stay creative.

/ photo by Sasha Olsen for MMSCENE
Shirt ORLEBAR BROWN, Shorts PERSONAL PARADE / photo by Sasha Olsen for MMSCENE

Photographer: – Sasha Olsen @sashaxolsen
Model – Marian Rey @reymarian
Agency – The Circle Models @thecirclemodels
Styling – Dowtown Darling @downtown.darling

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