Heron Preston x H&M Debut Collection

Titled “H2,” the collection focuses on everyday style, sustainable design and production

Courtesy of H&M and Heron Preston / H2 Collection

The collaboration between Heron Preston and H&M, known as H2, was revealed, and their first collection is scheduled to launch on March 14, 2024. The goal of this partnership is to strike a balance between process innovation, people involvement, and product creation. The initiative’s main goal is to empower young creative talent through a circular innovation programme, which reflects H&M’s and Heron Preston’s shared commitment to sustainable fashion methods.

Courtesy of H&M and Heron Preston / H2 Collection

With a focus on practicality, robustness, and cultural significance, Heron Preston’s design for the inaugural H2 collection is all about everyday style. The campaign‘s overarching concept is “Unity,” with items ranging from long-sleeve racing-style jerseys manufactured from 100% recycled polyester to boxy reversible bomber jackets made of 100% nylon. This notion is conveyed through a design narrative that is featured on a variety of items, including as bodysuits, lace-up corsets, and more, as well as adaptable reversible sweatshirts and straight-cut denim jeans made from recycled cotton.

Courtesy of H&M and Heron Preston / H2 Collection

The H2 EXCHANGE programme is unveiled as a forum for circular fashion innovation alongside the collection’s presentation. An open appeal for young designers in New York launches the programme, giving them the chance to collaborate with Heron Preston on upcycling clothes donations into fashionable items. Through encouraging community involvement and sustainable fashion education, this programme seeks to create a circular perspective in aspiring designers and support H&M’s ongoing circular initiatives.

Courtesy of H&M x Heron Preston / H2 Collection

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