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MELTEM YARANGUMELI is one of the students of Hogeschool voor de Kunsten Utrecht who took part in this year’s MMSCENE MAGAZINE graduate feature by our Contributor ARMANDO BRANCO, photographing their graduate collections and also preparing the exclusive interview with the talented hopefuls. 

MELTEM YARANGUMELI, fashion designer, born in 1994 in the Netherlands. Scroll down for our interview with the promising your designer.

What does it mean for you to be a designer ? What does fashion mean to you ?
Fashion is for me a way to communicate, it’s a way to express myself and to speak up. I like to tell stories through my designs and projects.

Can you tell us something about your current collection ?
‘Every loop counts’ is a collection about human interaction. During my research I was looking for the modern day heroes that live among us. Within time I concluded it isn’t about the ones ‘wearing a cape’, heroes are the one’s that help the others in times of need and despair, even when no one is watching. Altruistic.

To tell this story I made a collection that’s completely based on enormous knitwork. The outfits visualize the different stages : there are pieces that are done, and don’t need any additional knitting, and ones that are unfinished.

The ones that aren’t finished yet are even left on the knitting needles, waiting for yarn, or just a hand for help. Loop by loop, still visible for you to see. Would you be willing to let go of your own needles and yarn, to help someone else? Every loop counts; and you are only a loop away from (kn)it!

Which obstacles did you face regarding creating this collection ?
During the research stage of my collection the concept unexpectedly took a different turn. I started to doubt the good within humanitym question every ‘hero’ I saw or read about. I had to make a decision whether I wanted to continue or not. That was the moment I concluded that it’s about the true hero’s among us, the ones we don’t see, without a cape but with an altruistic heart.

Which fashion ‘faux pas’ should belong to our history (regarding men’s fashion) ?
There will be a time that every ‘faux pas’ from now, will be the next trend.

Apparently every woman should have at least one black (little) skirt/dress …  What should every man have in their closet as a fashionable basic ?
Every men should at least have a good pair of jeans that fits perfectly.

What will the future hold for the fashion-industry ?
Unisex clothing will be more available. Genderless fashion, for everyone to enjoy.

What will the future hold for you ?
Would love to work with kindred spirits. Finding a great team to work with, maybe from different disciplines, would be the next step for me.

Photography concept & interview by Armando Branco
Hair Stylist Patricia van Heumen for Aveda at Angelique Hoorn Management
Makeup Artist Marije Koelewijn for Ellis Faas Cosmetics at Angelique Hoorn management
Models by FIC Model Mngmt: Daa, Rutger, Jess, Tuyk, Ian, and Martin

For more of Meltem’s work visit, Instagram @mltmm20

ZARA Man Studio Collection Fall/Winter 2017