Five Reasons Alcoholism Has Become A Problem In Fashion

Alcoholism and drug abuse within the fashion industry is still a problem. Find out why

Giancarlo Commare
Photography by ©Antonio Guzzardo for DSCENE

There has long been an association with alcohol and the fashion industry. In fact, substances as a whole and the fashion industry. Many famous models have spoken out about their battles with addiction and substance abuse, with Kate Moss most famously calling out the industry on it.

Many of the most recognisable faces in fashion have passed through alcohol rehab. Thankfully, thanks to many of those speaking candidly about their experiences, that is beginning to change, but .

But why is it such a problem in the industry?

Long Working Hours

The fashion industry is notorious for its long working hours, especially during fashion week. This can cause immense stress on the individuals working in the industry, leading them to seek relief in alcohol. Often, the long hours are accompanied by the pressure to produce results, which can also lead to increased alcohol consumption.

High Stress Levels

It’s a fast-paced environment, where trends come and go in the blink of an eye. The pressure to constantly create something new and unique can cause immense stress on individuals working in the industry. The stress can also be compounded by the constant scrutiny of their work by the public and the media. As a result, many individuals turn to alcohol as a way to cope with their stress.

Giancarlo Commare
Photography by ©Antonio Guzzardo for DSCENE

Social Expectations

Of course, it wouldn’t be the industry it is without the social events, where alcohol consumption is often a norm. Fashion events, parties and networking functions can all include alcohol as part of the experience. This can create a social expectation to drink and can make it difficult for individuals to refuse alcohol. Additionally, many individuals in the industry may feel pressure to appear cool or edgy, and drinking alcohol may be seen as a way to fit in with their peers.

Influence of the Media

The media has a significant influence on the fashion industry, and it can also contribute to the problem of alcohol addiction. The portrayal of alcohol in the media, such as in movies and TV shows, can normalise excessive drinking. This can create a perception that alcohol is a necessary part of socialising and can contribute to the belief that it is acceptable to drink to excess.

DSCENE Magazine
Photography by ©Antonio Guzzardo for DSCENE

Lack of Support

Ultimately, there is often a lack of support for individuals in the fashion industry who are struggling in all manner of areas, especially alcohol addiction. The industry can be highly competitive, and individuals may be reluctant to speak out about their struggles for fear of being stigmatised or ostracised. Additionally, the long working hours and high stress levels can make it difficult for individuals to seek help or attend support groups.

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