Online Dating – How to Make Your First Impression Count

Online dating is a huge part for both millenials ang generation z and first impressions even count online! MMSCENE editor Juliette Picard shares essential first impressions tips counting both online and offline.

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Online dating has a number of advantages. You can tap into a much larger pool of potential partners
than those in your immediate area. You can filter by a wide variety of criteria. However, you must still make a good first impression to get to your first date, and then you have to impress your date to continue the relationship.

Let’s learn how to make your first impression count.

Choose the Right Profile Picture

The worst profile pictures are fuzzy since it suggests you don’t care about how you appear to the world. The next worst choice is including images where you clearly cut other people out of the photo
and pictures of you doing things you don’t want to talk about on a first date. A poor choice of profile
picture can hurt you in other ways, too.

Many photos are not allowed on dating sites. For example, a popular singles site must approve a photo before it appears on the website in order to maintain their ethical standards and set the right tone. Wear something too revealing or snap a photo that’s too controversial and your dating profile may lack a photo for weeks or never have one at all.

Photo ©Eddie Blagbrough for MMSCENE Portraits

The solution is to choose the right profile picture. The photo should be a high resolution. It should show you in a flattering pose without being contrary to the image you want to present. For example, if you’re looking for a potential marriage partner, don’t post photos that show off a wild side.

Dress for Success

Almost everyone knows that you shouldn’t show up for a date in ripped jeans and a T-shirt. A clever
statement emblazoned across a T-shirt or sweatshirt will rarely get you points with your date either. Yet a formal suit may be too formal. It may make you seem unapproachable, though the goal is to get to know each other better. One solution is to wear a blazer with neutral trousers. Choose subtle designs that contrast with plain pants to show that you’re sophisticated.

wearing blazers
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Wear comfortable, respectable shoes. Think leather boots or professional loafers, not flip-flops or tennis shoes. Brown leather boots would be a great option for a stroll on the pier or for an afternoon museum date. Go for something like a polished pair of black brogues for an evening show or dinner. And while you’re at it, make sure all your clothing fits. Tailored jackets and pants look great, whereas
clothing that’s too tight or loose is a strike against you. If you’re not sure and don’t have the money for custom-made clothing, you can always have off-the-rack garments altered.

Don’t Forget the Basics

It isn’t enough to pick out the perfect outfit for your profile photo or first date. Don’t forget the basics. You and your clothing should be crisp and clean. It may be worthwhile to set aside your suit or blazer in the car so you can change into it after work. Then it won’t be ruined by spilled coffee. Or you could run by your place to change just before you go on your date. This is especially true if you’re walking everywhere since dirty shoes will reflect badly on you.

If you have facial hair, have it neatly trimmed shortly before the date. This is a great time to get a haircut, too. You can use a little aftershave, but don’t pick one that’s overpowering. It will end up being the main impression someone has of you, and it is rarely a positive one.

Don’t Let One of Your Clothing Items Upstage You

You never want your outfit or one of your accessories to be the center of attention. You want a date to remember you for your personality, conversation, and connection, not for those crazy moon boots you were wearing or your oversized watch.

Photo ©Eddie Blagbrough for MMSCENE Portraits

There are other ways that you can add a touch of personal style to your outfit. You don’t want to come off as too drab either. One option, for instance, could be to go for a bright pair of socks. This will be subtle enough to showcase your style sense while striking a comfortable middle ground between sophistication and flair.

Know Your Colors

Did you know that men who wear red are seen as more attractive and of higher status by women? In one study, women participants stated that they were more sexually attracted to men wearing red
than green or blue. Colors play a huge role in our psychology. The colors you wear can be used to convey a sense of intelligence, confidence, and power.

Winning colors include red, black, and white. Purple is also apparently a great color if you’re trying to get a date. As a matter of fact, a study published in Medical Daily found that 36% of women surveyed would accept an invitation from a man wearing purple. Your relationship shouldn’t be based on looks. However, you have to dress appropriately in order to make the necessary impression. Put some thought into your outfit and remember, if you make an effort, a woman is far more likely to consider a second date.

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