How to Choose an Engagement Ring?

MMSCENE team offers you useful guidelines and advice, which will be important to you when finding the right ring

By deciding to start looking for the right engagement ring, you’ve done most of the work, so congratulations! Now it’s time to answer the question that almost all future spouses are looking for, and that is – how to choose an engagement ring? This question, in itself, is not so complex, but the desire for the right choice is completely justified, so you should dedicate yourself to it, since it is intended for such an important occasion, and to be worn for the rest of your life! The answer to the question of how to choose the right one, and which ring is adequate for your future fiancee, may depend on various factors. In the following text, MMSCENE team offers you useful guidelines and advice, which will be important to you when finding the right ring that will satisfy all your and your chosen one’s requirements.


In case your chosen one can be defined as a modern woman, who is in love with aesthetics, glamour and style, and is an extrovert person, for whom external appearance and appearance are very important, you can delight such a lady with an authentic and modern pieces like Emerald Cut Engagement Rings, which will attract attention and additionally prove her refined taste and sense of beauty. Recently, more and more people are interested in returning to nature and living in harmony with it. In case you are finding your future wife in the aforementioned – consider an engagement ring with nature motifs. So, this si definetely something you need to pay attention to.

Skin Undertones

The choice of metal is one of the basic factors when finding the answer to this question. The trend in the popularity of gold colors for choosing engagement rings has changed over the years, so yellow gold used to be much more common, but today statistics give preference to white gold. If your future chosen one is a lover of jewelry, and often wears it, you will probably be able to easily find the answer whether, in this case, you should choose yellow or white gold, depending on the pieces of jewelry she already owns. However, if your partner is not a fan of jewelry, or if her jewelry collection includes both white and yellow gold, the undertone of your skin can help you choose the metal for the right ring. It is a piece of jewelry that your chosen one will wear for the rest of her life, so it is very important that she likes it and looks good on her.

Form and Shape

The question of how to choose an engagement ring will be significantly easier for you if you have a clear vision of the shape of the stone on the ring you want. It is little known that the price of the engagement ring depends on the shape, i.e. the cut of the stone. As a rule, circular shapes and odd shapes like Toi et Moi rings are the most expensive, while pear-shaped and oval shapes are somewhat more affordable. This information will be important to you, especially when determining the budget you want to set aside for this purchase. Determining the budget before the search itself is also one of the good tips, since the jeweler will be able to immediately narrow the offer according to the price criterion, and shorten the search!

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After you have decided on the style, metal and shape of the engagement ring stone, it is your turn to choose the stone that will be on the ring. Precious stones, minerals are of natural origin, which, thanks to their exceptional beauty and rarity, were used to make jewelry and ornaments since the time of the first civilizations. There are many types of natural minerals, but only four types of stones are categorized as precious stones, or gems. Gems are the most valuable jewelry stones, namely – diamond, ruby, sapphire and emerald.

Since jewels have been known since the oldest civilizations, many myths, legends and symbols are associated with them, and some of these beliefs have survived to the present day. If, on the other hand, you are not a fan of symbols, color psychology can help you to communicate your love in the right way with the color of jewels. Namely, since research shows that colors have an influence on human emotions, many symbols from the past, associated with precious stones, can be connected to modern research in the field of color psychology. For this reason, it is interesting to use this perspective when finding the answer to the question of how to choose the right engagement ring.

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