MMSCENE TRAVEL & LIFESTYLE: Should You Still Consider Cruise Travel

Here are some of the top reasons to take a cruise and reason why you should not go on a cruise:

MMSCENE TRAVEL & LIFESTYLE Why You Should Still Consider Cruise Travel in 2021

If you are planning to take a cruise this coming year, one of the main things that you need to decide is where you want to depart from. There are many places that offer cruises, but the best place to plan your cruise from is New Jersey. Cruises from NJ are the only way to begin your vacation because these cruises give you ample opportunities that many other departure sites may not. Here are some of the top reasons to take a cruise from New Jersey.

1 – Views of New York City

One of the main reasons to take a cruise from New Jersey is that you are able to have great views of New York City. New Jersey is neighbours to New York and because of this you are able to see the amazing things that New York has to offer when sailing from the ports in New Jersey. One of the most exciting things that you can experience if you sail from New Jersey is seeing views of the Statue of Liberty. If you have never visited New York City before, this sight is one of the best ways to start your vacation. You can experience new sights before ever really getting your vacation started.

MMSCENE TRAVEL & LIFESTYLE Why You Should Still Consider Cruise Travel in 2021

2 – Many Cruise Lines To Choose From

Another great reason to travel from New Jersey is that you are able to choose from many different cruise lines. The ability to pick which cruise line you travel on gives you the flexibility and accommodations that you want. Since there are many cruise lines that travel from this location you are often able to find great prices for your cruise as well. This can be a very big benefit for many people looking to cruise on a budget.

3 – Great Transportation

New Jersey is known for its great transportation. If you fly into the city, you will not need to worry about renting a car to get from your hotel to the cruise site. Instead, you can rely on public transportation for your vacation. This is another easy and budget friendly way to cruise. You will not need to rent your own car, and instead, can use the very reliable public transportation options, like train, bus, and taxis.

MMSCENE TRAVEL & LIFESTYLE Why You Should Still Consider Cruise Travel in 2021

4 – Great Food and Hotels

Another great reason to travel from New Jersey and cruise is because the cities that are close to the ports have great food and hotel options. You can find very affordable and luxury hotels to fit any needs. There are also many local restaurants available for you to choose from. Many of these restaurants are within walking distance of the hotels and the ports, making it even more convenient. The local restaurants and even chain restaurants have some of the best food that you can find. It is the perfect way to start your vacation.

5 – Ability to See New Things

Opting to depart from New Jersey gives you the ability to see new things. While many people wouldn’t think of leaving from New Jersey, it is one of the main places to take a cruise from. You can see new things and experience a whole new city. Rather than leaving from Florida, or another area that only has beaches, New Jersey has many other things to see. You can see the views of New York City, one of the best cities for photographers, walk around the streets of prominent New Jersey cities, and even visit Philadelphia for a day. There are many large cities near New Jersey that you can visit before or after your cruise. This allows you to extend your vacation and see new things that you couldn’t see if you travelled to a beach city.

Why Not To Go on a Cruiser

Those were the cons, now here are a few very valid cons.

Environmental and Ethical Concerns: Cruise ships have a significant environmental footprint, consuming large amounts of fuel leading to carbon emissions and sometimes improperly disposing of waste, harming marine life. Additionally, some cruise lines face criticism for the subpar treatment of their staff.

Health and Safety Issues: The close quarters of cruise ships can facilitate the spread of diseases, with past records of onboard outbreaks. Besides health risks, there have been occasional incidents of onboard fires, accidents, and threats in high-risk areas.

Limited Cultural Experience and Hidden Costs: Brief stops in ports limit authentic cultural immersion, often confining tourists to commercialized areas. While cruises advertise an all-inclusive experience, many onboard activities and excursions come with additional costs.

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