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MMSCENE BUSINESS: How To Start A Modeling Agency

There are still a lot of things all agencies need to consider to set themselves apart from the competition.

Are you thinking of setting up a modeling agency? You may be model who has years of experience in the fashion industry, or you may be just starting out. Whatever category you fall under, starting a modeling agency requires both social and practical business skills. Registering the most substantial number of candidates in your books means you need to hire a professional that specializes in the discovery of new talents if you do not have that skill. It also goes hand in hand with finding quality work from fashion designers, that can pay top rates per show.

Even though starting an online modeling agency is a lot more cost-effective than starting one with a physical office, there are still a lot of things all agencies need to consider to set themselves apart from the competition. Here are a few of them:

Choose A Catchy Business Name

In essence, the attributes that a brand must have to stand out on the Internet do not differ much from those offline. It is best to get a catchy business name that is distinctive, easy to read and pronounce and that does not generate confusion.

Even if your modeling agency will be operated entirely from an online space, it is a common error to assume that a very descriptive or generic domain name is best used so you can be found on the Internet. Lots of companies do this to save on advertising costs. However, your positioning depends more on the content of your page. A boring generic name gives an impression that there is nothing unique or different about your company. The logical thing about creating a name is to be flexible, so you do not ever have to change it.

Use Social Media Marketing

The traditional way to search for models is for scouts to hang around high schools and colleges, which tend to be the most sought-after locations. But do you really want to spend all day on the streets? Especially on those cold winter days? A better option will be to do some effective online marketing campaigns through social media. The goal of advertising can be to promote your website and get more fans.

Bear in mind that not all social media networks are the same. Neither by the profile of the users nor by way of functioning. The rules established by its creators determine the method and capacity of companies to reach their members. Starting any business, let alone a modeling agency, having the best software is so important. This HR software could really help you and your company.


Opening a profile page on Facebook is the first step to have a presence on the platform. You can create a company page for free, which will allow you to connect with fans and potential models who can attract their friends. This form of networking means your followers can communicate events and generate a dialogue or redirect users to your page or website. Get fans by posting ads which will grab and hold their attention. In your ads use promotional actions of any kind or simply by looking for friends of your friends. You can also send surveys, or run a modeling competition or promotion.

When creating your own Facebook company page do not forget to include a contact form so you can make your own database of contacts. If you do not, the data of your fans will be withheld by Facebook.

You can also post advertisements on Facebook that will link to your home page and pay per impression or per click. If you do not have much money to pay for advertising at this stage, or if you are unemployed, consider getting out a loan. You might be able to get help from companies such as Bonsai Finance, and this way, you can get your business off the ground.


When using Twitter, the first thing is to get followers. When you sign up, do not forget to put who you are and what you do, so you appear in the searches of other users. You must also include the URL of your company and a link to your blog, as it is the place where you can create great content and then you can communicate in a few words to your followers in each tweet, with a link to find it directly.

Remember, you have to create good content. It is the key for people to follow you.

Find A Photographer

It is common for potential models to send you lots of low-quality snapshots of themselves; however, high-quality professional images are the norm. A low-cost photography service should be sought after, with the photos being the possession of your company.

The photographer you hire should also be available to your clients who choose models from your books. This can be for the production of commercials for television, movies, exhibitions, events and fashion shows, or those clients who wish to promote their products through catalogs, and advertising.

Buy Quality Equipment

Good quality computers and equipment should be used because modeling is all about getting the best images. However, the cost of such material must be properly scrutinized so as not to jeopardize the profitability of the business.

Rent An Office

Affordable office space should be a must-have for any modeling agency. The basic infrastructure for the office of any modeling agency will be a reception, a room for the presentation of the models to the potential clients, a space for the archives of photos and files of the registered candidates, comfortable furniture from Staples, and an area for the management of the company. A small study for the production of photos of the models is optional, but it is an excellent alternative to reduce the costs of this service.

Network With Designers & Magazines

When starting an agency, the ideal is to maintain contact with companies seeking this type of service. With time after acquiring the necessary stability, you should connect with an effective PR agency to throw your name in the media. Once you start getting bookings, to cultivate a good image and credibility with the clients, you must respect the deadlines agreed. This means you have to honor of all appointments programmed. Professional ethics is a critical element in this environment.

Also, try to keep an extra number of models on call that have been previously chosen by the clients, which will be available if any of the leading models cannot attend the contracted event.

Have Some Basic Business Administration Skills

Good knowledge in the area of ​​business administration is also fundamental. If you would rather not go through the trouble of learning the basics of business, a good alternative is to hire staff who already have that link or have worked in this area.

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