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Year In Review: May 2011

male models

May 2011 features a slew of our contributors, two sessions by Sonny Tong, one by Glenn Prasetya as well as by Jenn Hoffman, featured in the top 10 are Daniel Garofali, Vince Azzopardi, Maximillian Silberman and Kevin Baker to name a few. View the complete top 10 of May 2011 after the jump:

glenn prasetya

kevin baker daniel garofali vinze azzopardi renato ferreira

joel baker

michael gstoettner ben hill chris brown maximilian silberman

#01 Greg Dodds by Glenn Prasetya
#02 Kevin Baker by Jeremy Kost
#03 Daniel Garofali by Sonny Tong
#04 Vince Azzopardi by Jenn Hoffman
#05 Renato Ferreira for Undergear
#06 Joel Baker by Sonny Tong
#07 Michael Gstoettner by Sam Scott Schiavo
#08 Ben Hill for H&M Summer 2011
#09 Chris Brown by Arnaldo Anaya Lucca
#10 Maximillian Silberman by Jenn Hoffman

Sean O’Pry for L’Officiel Hommes Korea January 2012

Evandro Soldati for GQ Australia