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Fabio Mancini & Juli for Marc Stone

Fabio Mancini

Fabio Mancini & Juli both from Beatrice Models team up for the elegant new Marc Stone lookbook shot by fashion photographer Ryan Jerome. Grooming is courtesy of Bruno Agostino (closeup) styling by Marco Steiner. Styling Assistant Roberto Fioravanti.

Marc Stone Autumn Winter 2013- 2014 is a journey of introspection. The [SAWLT] collection is a new interpretation of Marc Stone in its purest form. The concept for this season is raw and refined inspired by a mineral nature of contrasts, yet interpreted with crystalline structures. The highlights this season are textured fabrics, tailored-fit to create a masculine sillouhette. The colors are inspired by a range of minerals, like white quartz, grey augit and graphite. Marc Stone introduces finest italian hand-crafted accessories such as shoes, belts and bags to create an eclectic look.

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ryan jerome Fabio Mancini Fabio Mancini


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