MMSCENE BEAUTY 3 Reasons You Won’t Regret Botox

Botox injections are part of our cultural milieu. Whether or not you’ve had Botox yourself, or know anyone who has, you’ve definitely heard about this way of preserving an appearance of youth and vitality. People who care about their appearance, and work to preserve it, understand that there is only so much you can do with diet, exercise, and other regimens. At some point, you’ve got to intervene with some medical science if you want to preserve your youthful appearance. Botox is one of the best tools of the trade for this, but some people get scared off by the plastic surgery moniker, or because there are needles involved. If you have Botox once, you’ll understand that these fears are unwarranted. Here are a few reasons why.


For one, Botox treatments are incredibly affordable. There are other kinds of plastic surgery that try to “fix the whole face” at once. And while there are certain procedures that have great results regardless of this philosophy, Botox is nonetheless a lot more affordable. A typical Botox session will only involve one to a few injections. This makes each session very affordable. You can make a plan with your dermatologist, then take as long as you need to complete it session by session.

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Another reason why you won’t regret Botox is because it gives you a lot of control, even if you are a little cautious about “plastic surgery”. As we stated above, Botox doesn’t happen all at once. You can pick and choose the little details you want to correct or preserve, then have as much time as you need to get used to the changes and plan follow-ups. It’s not like getting a nose job or other one-off procedure, where you’re stuck with the result whether you like it or not. An individual Botox injection will create very subtle effects, giving you lots of time to plan the perfect, most natural changes to your face. For more information on this, check out


Finally, you won’t regret Botox because it will help you preserve the best aspects of your appearance. Youth doesn’t last forever, but if you want to avoid the lines and wrinkles that set in through the regular use of your face, it’s important that you take action. A good dermatologist can help you learn more behaviors to avoid overstressing certain muscles, and to choose the locations of the Botox injections very carefully.

Botox gives you the most bang for your buck when it comes to long term beauty procedures. If you need to use your money wisely, but want changes that last, Botox is probably for you. Talk to your doctor about the best path to go down for your needs and your long term goals. Pain-free and highly affordable, Botox is the beauty aid that most people want, even if they don’t realize it. Learn everything you can and make your own choice, but we think the more you know the more you will want to have some Botox yourself.

All Photos by Fashion Photographer Igor Cvoro for MMSCENE

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