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Male Models and Cosmetic Surgeries: What You Need to Know

If you are thinking whether you should get some work done, or you are just curious if male models actually do cosmetic surgery read on our latest beauty investigation:

Hayden Jackson

The job of any model is not easy, although most outsiders think it is. It becomes particularly taxing when you are expected to look perfect every single day of your career, which requires more work than usual. This is the reason why we’re going to touch on the subject of cosmetic surgeries for male models, so that our readers can get answers to at least some of their questions regarding the topic.

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Why Do Male Models Go for Surgical Procedures?

Genetic good looks can only last for so long, and some aspiring models have nearly everything to be successful, except perhaps a few proportional shortcomings to enter the field with full confidence. In such situations, plastic surgeons can provide help, and according to surveys, aspiring and even established models often go through multiple minor-major surgical procedures throughout their careers.

Hayden Jackson

What are the Common Cosmetic Surgeries/Procedures for Male Models?

There are different kinds of procedures, and what you need in order to correct any aesthetic flaws will depend on variable aspects such as your geographical location, ethnicity, age, aesthetic symmetry, etc. Consult an agent and a good surgeon, experienced with performing surgeries for male models, because nothing can be universal in nature here. However, the following are generally what most male models undergo, depending on their specific requirements.

Jaw Augmentation – The male jawline is a prolific sign of masculinity, making dermal fillers, chin implants and jaw implants a popular choice. Not every male model you see on popular media had that ultra-sharp jawline from birth!

Hayden Jackson

Rhinoplasty – There is more than one reason to go for a rhinoplasty, because even people not in the business of being in front of a camera all day can breathe better after a successful rearrangement of their nasal bone structure.

Elective rhinoplasty is, however, what male models often go for in order to get a straighter, sharper looking nose. It is a scientific fact that sharp noses are considered attractive in both men and women, so that is a common choice which does make sense.

Hayden Jackson

What If a Cosmetic Procedure is Botched?

Nothing can be more devastating for a professional male model than a failed plastic surgery. Aside from the financial blow of paying for a botched and expensive cosmetic procedure, there is also the question of him losing his livelihood, all because the surgeon was not able to deliver on what he had promised.

This is the reason why all models in general should only go to responsible and well reputed plastic surgeons, who have a good history of being able to live up to the expectations they themselves set for their customers.

If however, it’s already too late and the mistake has been made, companies like The Medical Negligence Experts are at hand for models to lodge a medical malpractice lawsuit against the responsible party. If they take up the case, the lawyers will make sure that the following corrective procedures are all paid for and they are adequately compensated for the whole ordeal.

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