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GIVEON in PRADA Takes The Cover of DUST Magazine

GIVEON takes the striking cover of DUST Magazine clad in total looks from PRADA – discover more:

Giveon in total look PRADA for DUST Magazine – Photo ©John Edmonds

The silky-voiced R&B sensation, Giveon, has ascended to the cover of DUST Magazine‘s Fall/Winter 2023 edition, manifesting an essence of elegance and modernity. The singer, who has captured the hearts of millions with his soulful tunes, is adorned in exquisite ensembles from PRADA’s latest collection, further accentuated with PRADA Fine Jewlry.

The visuals, captured by the talented photographer John Edmonds, illuminate Giveon’s profound presence. The harmonious blend of soft backdrops juxtaposed with the artist’s penetrating gaze in the photos offers viewers a delicate yet commanding aesthetic. His looks, meticulously curated by stylist Yashua Simmons, is a testament to PRADA’s timeless appeal. Complementing the fashion-forward looks, Esther Foster‘s grooming  brings forth a natural and refined appearance, amplifying the singer’s innate charisma.

Photo ©John Edmonds
Photo ©John Edmonds
Photo ©John Edmonds

One of the standout images, taken for the cover as well, showcases Giveon in an immaculate white puffer, enhancing his striking features. The detailing of the PRADA tag peeking out subtly hints at luxury without being overtly ostentatious. Meanwhile, a series of captures present the artist in a plush beige hoodie jacket, every frame capturing a distinct emotion, from contemplation to elation.

Expressing his sentiments about the cover, Giveon took to social media, sharing, “My heart envies the dust and how it settles so easily…” Such poetic musing is emblematic of the depth and artistry he consistently brings to his music, making it resonate with over 20 million monthly listeners on platforms like Spotify.

Photo ©John Edmonds

For fans and fashion enthusiasts alike, this collaboration between Giveon and DUST Magazine marks a meeting point of art, style, and soul. It serves as a reminder of the ever-evolving nature of contemporary culture and how music and fashion are inextricably intertwined.

To immerse yourself further into this artistic alliance, secure your copy of DUST magazine’s Victory Issue by visiting their official page.

Note: The images and excerpts referenced in this article are sourced from DUST Magazine and the associated social media platforms. 

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