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Anthon, Antoine, Luka, and Scott in Berluti for MFF Cover Story


MFF magazine cover story starring Anthon Wellsjo and Antoine Miller (Ford Models), Luka Badnjar (Success Models) and Scott Bourne (Nathalie Models) in a shoot by Stéphane Gallois. The up and coming models are photographed for the cover story of MFF clad in Berluti alongside creative director Alessandro Sartori. The splendid shoot took place at the hotel De Sully 7 place De Vosges in Paris. Grooming is courtesy of Groomer: Mickael Jauneau.

Fashion editors Giampietro Baudo (MFF magazine's editor in chief) and Stefano Roncato

MFF Magazine MFF Magazine MFF Magazine MFF Magazine MFF Magazine


Duane J. Moreno by Joseph Bleu

Samuele Francesconi by Marco Marezza