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Dries Van Noten Men’s FW13

Dries Van Noten

Collection: Dries Van Noten
Season: Fall Winter 2013.14
Models: Adrian Bosch, Alex Dunstan, Alexander Beck, Almantas Petkunas, Anders Hayward, Andrew Westermann, Anthon Wellsjo, Arthur Gosse, Baptiste Radufe, Bastiaan Ninaber, Bastian Thierry, Ben Allen, Chris Beek, Cole Mohr, Conor Doherty, Dan Felton, Douglas Neitzke, Jester White, Julian de Gainza, Justin Sterling, Kaan Tilki, Liu Chang, Martin Conte, Matthew Bell, Miles Langford, Nemanja Maksic, Noma Han, Paul Boche, Sam Maouchi, Simon Sabbah, Thomas Penfound, Yannick Abrath
Belgian designer Dries Van Noten presents yet another masterfully executed menswear collection, Paris runway see's a slew of pieces adorned in elegant bohemian prints.

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