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Blu Equis by Juddy Wolf


The promising Blu Equis builds up his portfolio with a beautifully captured seaside session from photographer Juddy Wolf, featuring styling from fashion stylist Dani Sanchez. The stylist featured garments from designer Guillem Rodriguez.

Blu-Equis-by-Juddy-Wolf-16 Blu-Equis-by-Juddy-Wolf-17 Blu-Equis-by-Juddy-Wolf-14 Blu-Equis-by-Juddy-Wolf-15 Blu-Equis-by-Juddy-Wolf-13 Blu-Equis-by-Juddy-Wolf-11 Blu-Equis-by-Juddy-Wolf-12 Blu-Equis-by-Juddy-Wolf-10 Blu-Equis-by-Juddy-Wolf-09 Blu-Equis-by-Juddy-Wolf-08 Blu-Equis-by-Juddy-Wolf-05 Blu-Equis-by-Juddy-Wolf-07 Blu-Equis-by-Juddy-Wolf-04 Blu-Equis-by-Juddy-Wolf-03 Blu-Equis-by-Juddy-Wolf-02 Blu-Equis-by-Juddy-Wolf-01

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