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MMSCENE Exclusive Interview with Jhona Burjack

In this exclusive MMSCENE interview, Jhona Burjack, a figure in the modeling industry, shares his career path into modeling, personal life, acting ambitions and more

 Interview with Jhona Burjack
Interview with Jhona Burjack

In this exclusive MMSCENE interview, Jhona Burjack, a figure in the modeling industry, shares his career path into modeling, personal life, acting ambitions and more. Born in Brasília, Brazil, with a rich heritage that traces back to Italy, Turkey, Poland, and Brazilian natives, Jhona’s journey into fashion was as unplanned as it was destined. Initially drawn into the modeling industry by fate and a supportive partner, his career has been very successful so far, highlight of which is his collaboration with Moschino. Aside from his professional achievements, Jhona’s personal life is full of rich experiences and evolving interests, from his early dreams of architecture to his current explorations in acting. With a significant social media presence and a move into the cinema, Jhona’s story is about self-discovery and the pursuit of new horizons.


For this session, Jhona is photographed by Alfonso Anton Cornelis, assisted by Massimo Fussardi. Styling is done by Giorgio Branduardi, with assistance from Rebecca Lai and Nicola Destro. In charge of grooming is Veronica Fiorello, while Reinard Grevin did casting direction. 

 Interview with Jhona Burjack
photography © Alfonso Anton Cornelis for MMSCENE

Could you share a bit about your personal background?
I was born in Brazil, in a town called Brasilia, which is the capital of Brazil. My mom’s roots come from Italy and Turkey, and from my father’s side, come from Poland mixed with Brazilian native indigenes.

What led you to enter the modeling industry, and was it a profession you always aimed for? How would you describe your personal fashion style?
I entered the modeling industry because of my girlfriend, which is quite a funny story. I met this girl, “Gabriella Pires,” in middle school. We were both 15 years old when we started dating. She was already a model at that time, and when we finished high school, she had the opportunity to live in Paris to start her professional career. However, she didn’t want to leave me, so one day she decided she wanted to stop modeling to focus on our relationship. She invited me to go to her agency to announce that she was ready to leave the profession, and once we arrived there, everyone suggested that I should try modeling too. So, on the same day, they took a camera, started to shoot me, and somehow the pictures came out very nice. I started being a model and went to Milan with her a month later, in 2015. I still have the same girlfriend, and she is the love of my life to whom I owe everything.
I never imagined that I would be a model one day, although I grew up listening to people suggesting that I should give it a try. What I always wanted was to be an architect.
As for my personal style, well, it’s a bit of a mess… I see my style as somewhat like a professional skater’s style. I like oversized clothes, fun sneakers, and warm leather jackets. When I’m in Brazil, I wear surf clothes. To be honest, I’m not super creative in this part; I like to wake up and just throw some clothes on, not making much sense of it. I don’t like to overthink it. Sometimes it works, and I even receive compliments on the street.

 Interview with Jhona Burjack
photography © Alfonso Anton Cornelis for MMSCENE

Is there a particular modeling project you’ve found especially significant or impactful?
Yes, for me, the most important modeling job was the fragrance I did for “Toy Boy” by Moschino by Jeremy Scott. This job has completely changed my life, wealth-wise for the better. It’s been almost 6 years we are together, and I hope it will last for decades.

What is the most valuable piece of advice you’ve received regarding modeling?
Always be persevering… never let a “No” destroy your dreams or let it bring you down. You better get used to hearing “No,” that’s what we models hear the most at castings or job meetings. Take care of your body and mind, be humble, be kind, and when success comes, save your money. Never forget the difficult times you’ve suffered and never lose your essence. And please, never stop studying and think of the plan “B” after modeling.

photography © Alfonso Anton Cornelis for MMSCENE

With your significant social media presence, how do you manage or respond to negative comments or criticism?
I used to be very sad with the negative comments, especially on Twitter where the hate spreads like a virus… What I’m doing now is not ever reading or caring much about what people say… as long as you know how hard, how honest, and how good you are at taking your job, the negativity cannot bring you down. Just remember that you are amazing and you are loved by your family and friends, who are your real supporters, and that’s what matters.

You’re exploring opportunities in acting. Could you tell us more about this new endeavor?
I have found this new path in my career and it’s been amazing to discover this new passion and talent hidden in me… Becoming an actor has changed my life’s point of view for the better: I’m being much more honest with myself, I can understand much more about myself, learning a lot about human behaviors, but trying not to judge too much, but to understand.
It has significantly changed my spirituality too; it feels like I’m more connected with the divine after discovering acting.
Since I started not long ago, I have done 2 soap operas in Brazil and right now I’m filming my first international film in Spain, and it’s been amazing!!
I hope many more opportunities will come because I’m loving it!

photography © Alfonso Anton Cornelis for MMSCENE

What hobbies or activities do you enjoy in your free time?
I’m obsessed with practicing sports, and since the pandemic, I’ve been crazy about cycling. It’s essentially my new meditation and medicine for all; when I’m stressed, anxious, or about to go crazy in my mind or at any time, cycling has been my cure and main hobby. That’s the moment when I’m extremely happy, connecting with nature and myself. I think everyone should try it and make it a lifestyle; the world would be a better place for sure. I also love to paint, draw, and write.

What are your goals, dreams, and plans looking forward?
I have thousands of dreams inside my head and heart; if I were to mention them here, people might get bored reading. After experiencing the pandemic, and as I’m maturing and almost approaching my 30s, my big goal for the future is to build a family and live in a quiet place close to nature near my mom, to give them a better, more comfortable, and peaceful life. I’ll keep making art, modeling, acting, expressing myself to survive, and continuing to inspire people. But dreaming is something we cannot stop doing; that’s the magic that makes it all possible. Dream!

photography © Alfonso Anton Cornelis for MMSCENE

Photographer – Alfonso Anton Cornelis @alfonsoantoncornelis
Stylist – Giorgio Branduardi @gio.a.b
Video – Giovanni Riviera @9iovqnni
Grooming – Veronica Fiorello @verofiore_pro
Photo Assistant – Massimo Fussardi
Stylist Assistant – Rebecca Lai @rebblai and Nicola Destro @nicola__destro
Cast Director – Reinard Grevin @reinardgrevin
Model – Jhona Burjack @jhona_burjack


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  1. He’s just phenomenally beautiful and he has unintentionally shaped the modeling industry for the better.

  2. I was totally blown away by Jhona Burjack’s interview. His journey from an unplanned start in modeling to now diving into acting is super inspiring. He seems really grounded and genuine, especially when talking about his relationship and how it all started with modeling because of his girlfriend. It’s cool how he’s also into architecture and has such a laid-back style, totally not what you’d expect from a high-profile model.

    I also really liked hearing about his shift towards acting and how it’s changing his life and spirituality. Plus, the fact that he’s got a strong stance on handling negativity on social media shows he’s not just about the glitz of the industry but also about keeping it real. His outlook on life, like wanting to build a family and live close to nature, adds this whole other layer to who he is beyond the camera. Thank you guys for sharing this! <3

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