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NICK KENT in exclusive MMSCENE interview talks to our Editor IGOR CVORO about his beginnings, music career, creative process and TikTok.

Editor IGOR CVORO sits down with model and musician NICK KENT to talk about his career, social media, and the relationship between music and fashion.

Photographers Phil Chester and Sara Byrne captured Nick Kent at Wilhelmina LA for MMSCENE EXCLUSIVE session. 

Read the interview after the jump:

Hi Nick, we are so glad to have you at MMSCENE. Tell us a bit more about yourself. Who is Nick Kent?
Hey! I’m 20 years old from Portland and I love to surf and travel.

Take us back to the very beginning. When did you realize that you wanted to be a musician? Who inspired you to make music?
I’ve always loved music but I started guitar lessons with my dad when I was 9 years old. Listening to artists like John Mayer and Bruno Mars inspired me to perform and experiment with different sounds. I started by busking on the street in my neighborhood.

Tell us more about your music. What is your creative process? And what inspires you?
I usually have a melody for a verse or hook in my head, and I’ll match it to piano or guitar depending on the feeling of the song. I’m inspired by both my own life and experiences from people around me.

What was the first song you learned? And who were the artists that inspired you the most growing up?
The first song I really learned was Blackbird on a classical guitar when I was 11. Growing up I was heavily inspired by both Justin Bieber and bands like Coldplay and Pearl Jam. My dad introduced me to music from the British Invasion, so the Beatles have always influenced me.

What’s on your current playlist?
Frank Ocean, Shawn Mendes, Harry Styles, Lauryn Hill, Billie Eilish

Who are some of your favourite artists at the moment?
I love Harry Styles’ new album and I’m also a big fan of Conan Gray. I love the storytelling in his songs.

Music and fashion are both outlets of expression and creativity. As my music changes and develops so does my fashion and I look for style inspiration in many of my favourite artists.

Who would you most like to collaborate with?
In music I would love to collaborate with so many people from John Mayer or Khalid to Jack Johnson or Billie Eilish.

What is your favourite song to perform?
Fast Car by Tracy Chapman has always been one of my favourite songs to play. I also love Daniel Caesar’s music or Sunday Morning by Maroon 5.

How do you see the relationship between music and fashion?
Music and fashion are both outlets of expression and creativity. As my music changes and develops so does my fashion and I look for style inspiration in many of my favourite artists.

What’s the most important thing you’ve learnt as a model/musician?
I think it’s so important to stay authentic with the music I make and the way I share myself on social media. A lot of the modelling world is about outward appearance, but I want my music to connect on a deeper level.

Social media also plays an important part in your career. Can you tell me a little bit about how you got started and how you found your own voice in the space?
I have always seen the power of social media in building a close connection with people and sharing myself with fans. I’m inherently a private person but in sharing more of myself I have felt a deeper connection with fans and through that connection, am finding a voice.

What do you feel has contributed to your success on TikTok?
I honestly can’t say what specifically has helped me to grow on TikTok other than posting consistently and staying out of drama. I never planned to be “TikTok famous” and it happened by accident when a friend posted a video of me that blew up overnight. After seeing how many new people I was able to reach through TikTok, I decided to continue posting.

Name some of the Social media account that motivate you?
I’ve been inspired by Shawn Mendes because he was able to translate his following from Vine into an incredibly successful music career. I have also been motivated by Casey Neistat. his artists spotlight on Shawn Mendes gave me such a cool perspective into life on tour.

What advice do you have for people who are trying to gain a following on social media?
Be honest and stay consistent. You want people to follow and support you for being you and everyone is looking for authenticity.

I have always seen the power of social media in building a close connection with people and sharing myself with fans.

How do you feel about the possible TikTok ban in the US?
While I owe much of my following to TikTok, I want to connect with my fans on a much more personal level and music is the best way I can do so. I think change is the most important factor in development so I’m ready for it if it happens.

What does a typical day in your week look like?
With no school I have been focusing on music. I try to get a workout and run in every day as well as make time to work on my voice. Other than that I have been spending time with my family and surfing whenever I can and binge-watching gossip girl.

What do you like to do when you have time off?
I love to travel. I hope to eventually tour with my music, which would be the ideal time to experience more of the world.

Your personal passion or hidden talents?
I have a passion for vintage watches and cars. I also love surfing and fitness. If I could, I would spend every day on the water.

What is the most trouble you’ve ever gotten into?
When I was in high school my parents left me home alone and I threw a party that got way out of hand. I pictured a fun night but it ended up just being a huge mess.

5 facts about you people may not know:
I am a Pisces.
I’m the oldest of three boys.
I love to cook.
I was born in Portland, Oregon.
My middle name is Athens.

What are your plans for the future?
I’m releasing music soon; I hope it reaches people and impacts them in a positive way. I would love to one day go on tour and see more of the world and fans in person. And of course, surfing.

Keep up with Nick on Instagram – @nickkentt


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