Why More Models Are Wearing Male Rompers Off Duty

Effortless fashion statement

If you’ve ever worn a male romper, you already know why this warm-weather jumpsuit trend is being tweeted by celebs, like Andy Cohen and Cam Newton. Aside from being a comfortable one-piece, they’re available in so many fashion-forward designs from minimal solids to standout graphics.

While rompers aren’t ideal for go-sees, it’s becoming a more popular choice for model off-duty style because of its versatility. Whether you’re partying hard at Coachella or kicking back at home, men’s rompers make an effortless fashion statement for almost any jetsetter. With the convenience of online trendy menswear stores like Differio, now it’s easier than ever to find the right mens romper for sale that suits your personal taste.

If you’re a model considering adding mens rompers to your wardrobe rotation, here’s why you should give your jeans-and-tees outfits a rest and go for these one-pieces while you’re off duty.

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1. It’s your one-and-done outfit

There’s nothing worse than rushing to a photoshoot and realizing the clothes you packed to wear after the gig don’t even match. If you’re prone to these wardrobe mishaps, then one-piece rompers just might make your life easier.

If you’re still new to rompers, they’re basically like a dressier version of adult onesies. Since they’re usually constructed with a neck collar and front-button closure, it gives the illusion that you’re wearing a work shirt and fitted shorts.

Any trendy mens romper basically solves the issue of tearing up your closet looking for matching shirts and pants. With a male romper handy, you’ll be able to hit that snooze button a little longer.

2. They’re so comfortable for travel

We already mentioned how comfortable men’s rompers feel, which is especially great for the model that’s always on the move. From go-sees in Manhattan to photo shoots in Los Angeles, you already know how important it is to stay comfortable during the workweek.

The typical mens romper for sale is usually made in a cotton-spandex blend so you’ll have that extra give around the chest and waist. You can even find men’s rompers designed in jersey cotton blends to cop that laid-back, athleisure look.

3. It compliments your figure

You’re making a living off of your physical features, which is why it’s so important to look your best, even when you’re off duty. You never know who you’ll run into on the train, plane, club, or even café.

The male romper is typically designed to fit slim against the body, but it shouldn’t fit so tight that you feel suffocated. With its just-snug-enough fit, it’s a flattering way to show off your biceps and thighs. Plus, it’s already an eye-catching piece, so it’ll call attention even when you’re not trying.

4. You can easily transition from day to night

Since the male romper is your one-and-done outfit, it’s also the easiest way for models to transition their daytime outfit into an evening look. Just think of all the times you got caught at a shoot and needed to make a last-minute appearance at an evening event. With the right mens romper, you don’t need to worry about carrying around those extra blazers, ties, shirts, andpants.

So, how can you master the day-to-night male romper look? Instead of fashion sneakers, leather boots are both casual enough for daytime runs, but dressy enough for hitting the nightlife scene. Carry a couple accessories on hand, like designer watches, jewelry or sunglasses, for the nighttime switch.

Image by Igor Cvoro for MMSCENE

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