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Plan Your Trip To One Of Europe’s Best Fashion Shows

Fashion month is upon us even though we all may be eagerly waiting for this year’s autumn/ winter 2016 styles to hit the shops, there is no rest for the wicked. For those who will be making the journey Across new York, London, Milan and Paris to view next year’s men’s summer trends you will need to plan your trip. As well as seeing all the latest trends, you will also need to be organised on your travels to make the most out of your trip as well as it being an enjoyable experience. Here is a handy guide on planning your trip to the most anticipated fashion shows.

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Like with any traveling, whether it is a holiday or a business trip if you don’t have a valid passport you won’t be going. Ensure that your passport is up-to-date, and if it isn’t make sure you get it sorted as it will take at least four weeks from the time the application for you to receive one. You can pay more for a faster service but this could only shave off a couple of weeks at best. If you do have a passport ensure it has a validity of at least six months, as some countries won’t let you in unless you do. If you are heading to the fashion shows in Europe then make sure you have your European health insurance card, as this entitles you to seek medical treatment if you need it, and you can never be certain that you won’t.


As soon as you can, make sure you establish a budget, even before you have picked which fashion show you will be attending. Some destinations are generally far cheaper than others; however these are the fashion capitals of the world, so you will definitely be in the height of luxury. London, Paris and Milan can all be incredibly expensive locations to travel to but as long as you make the most out of vouchers and booking at off-peak times you will get a better deal. If you also set your budget early on, you can avoid disappointment and if you book more than one show you are likely to get it at a better price.


Downtime Itinerary

In between the glamour of the shows, all visitors including editors, photographers, and wed influencers from all over the world will need to seek out chic places. And in the most fashionable cities of the world, there will be no shortage. If you happen to be going to Paris Fashion week, then Café Ruc, is merely but a step away from the Lourve and is an all-round firm favourite. If you are attending Milan, then there are various bakeries including Princi bakery which is ideally situated and serves the best quick bites.

At all Fashion Weeks there will after parties, they may be rare and far between due to everyone having a highly busy schedule. But it is just as important to have some downtime too, so ensure you create some space in your diary for an evening party too.

all images by Maud Maillard

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