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Best Ways To Keep In Shape

Take it from male models, here are some of the best tips to stay in shape on your disposal.

The difficulty with staying in shape as a male model is that there is such a high standard to maintain. For a lot of models, keeping in shape is a tireless endeavour that takes focus and stamina every day. However, getting the body of a model sometimes isn’t as simple as eating less and moving more.

There is a lot you need to keep in mind when it comes to getting and staying in shape:

The body you have vs. the body you want

Not every person is the same and not every brand is looking for the same kind of model. Depending on where you want to go in the modelling industry you’ll find that there are all sorts of different definitions of the ideal male body. The way you plan to achieve and maintain your ideal shape is going to depend on the shape you have as well as the shape you want. Typically there are three different build – ectomorphs, endomorphs and mesomorphs – and people with these types of builds all tend to gain and distribute fat and muscle differently. So, look to your natural shape to help you find a diet and exercise plan that will work. Don’t skip your research.

Change up your workout routine daily

If you’ve been doing the same workout routine every day without any changes you might notice that it’s no longer as effective as it used to be. This is because your body has gotten used to your routine and so doesn’t consume as much energy when you workout. In order to maintain steady progress you need to change your workout routine almost daily. Switch exercises and intensities to ensure your body doesn’t get used to your routine. With different routines you’ll be able to keep challenging your body and so burn more calories.

Focus on the big picture

While certain exercises in your regular workout might focus on certain parts of the body, it’s important that you don’t show favouritism in your workouts. Give equal attention to exercising all of the different parts of your body. The best way to get better muscle definition without developing a bulky frame is to focus on fat percentage. Rather than repeating exercises known to target specific areas on your body, stick to exercising and strengthening the entirety of your body. You also shouldn’t get too hung up on areas that take a bit longer to tone. Areas like the pectorals and belly tend to be the last places to show any sign of progress. In cases pseudogynecomastia (a build-up of excess fat in the male breast), sometimes even diet and exercise can’t fix the problem. In which case, rather than focusing on pectoral exercises and potentially making the problem worse, you might look into a vaserlipo procedure to get the problem out of the way so that you can focus on your overall physique.  Ideally, you want a well-balanced physique with an even distribution of muscle.

Health is a priority

Everyone has heard stories about professional models consuming nothing but diet coke and cigarettes to stay in shape. While that kind of diet is bound to make you lose weight you’re also going to be losing muscle in the process. So, don’t think about cutting back on food to get the body you want. Instead, focus on picking the right foods and pairing a good diet with regular, challenging exercise. Work out the right amount of calories to keep your body fuelled without putting on weight and avoid fad diets.

Images from Frankie Cammarata for MMSCENE Magazine

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