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How Often Do Models Really Work Out?

How Often Do Models Really Work Out?
© PUMA / Photography by Theo Wenner

Many famous models in the world always stay in great shape. However, when it comes to the best bodies out there, Victoria’s Secret Angels is what comes to mind. They have become legends in the industry. To be an Angel means to receive recognition and popularity. Each of them has its own secrets that allow them to maintain excellent shape. Nevertheless, each Angel spends hours working out. They all have different routines, but regular physical activity is the key. Here is the review of the work-out routines of the most famous models at Victoria’s Secret.

  1. Adriana Lima

Although she is no longer an official model for the company, there are no former Angels. She will always remain the legend of Victoria’s Secret fashion shows as the most recognized model. When it comes to physical activity, Adriana loves doing sport. She works-out at least 4 times a week. If you want a body like Adriana’s, you might want to check out elliptical reviews as cardio is her favorite kind of activity.  Each training session is about 1-1,5 hours. Adriana also loves boxing. According to her, it makes her stronger and more confident, and it is simply necessary for keeping the body fit. Besides, boxing is a very energy-intensive sport that combines cardio and strength training.

How Often Do Models Really Work Out?
© PUMA / Photography by Theo Wenner
  1. Jasmine Tux

For this Angel, the main thing is diversity. Therefore, she combines strength training with cardio, goes to pilates and ballet classes. The variety of physical exercises is good because the muscles do not have time to get used to the load, so you do not have to strain and come up with new exercises. At the same time, basic squats and lunges will give an excellent load as they are not permanent components of training. As for the amount of time Jasmine spends in the gym, it is usually 2-3 hours three times a week. Consistency is key to success when it comes to building the perfect body.

  1. Candice Swanepoel

One of the most popular Angels uses additional weights to increase the effectiveness of training. Even if the weights are not big, with proper exercise, the result will be impressive. Moreover, weights are an excellent solution for home training, as they can completely replace dumbbells. For Candice, it is a perfect solution: a model has two children. Sometimes it is hard for her to find time to go to the gym, so she tries to work-out at least four times a week at home.

How Often Do Models Really Work Out?
Photo: Instagram @angelcandices

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