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Q&A With Rory Pierce + D’SCENE Magazine Outtakes

The 22 year old Rory Pierce (Independent Men Milan) born in Victoria (Australia) was featured recently in the latest edition of our print magazine D’SCENE with a shoot from photographer Antonis Delta. Today we are featuring a Q&A with Rory and unseen outtakes from his D’SCENE Magazine session.


Where were you scouted? 

I wasn’t A model friend sent of pictures to my current Melbourne agency [Chadwick Models].

Europe or Australia?
I love Europe because that’s where my family came from all those generations ago but Australia because it’s home.

What is your sense of style?
Casual. can’t go past jeans a tshirt and a old pair of converse high tops.

Favourite modelling experience  so far?
It’s a toss up. Getting to travel to Europe and meeting my girlfriend on the job.

What are your interests?
Everything to do with film and tv. Food

What are your weaknesses?
Sugar and my own stubbornness.

Which brand would I like to work for?

Name 5 favorite things?
Cinema, Desert, lunch with my family, the 1968 Ford Mustang fastback and directing.

What does the future hold for Rory Pierce? 
Finishing my degree in film and tv as well as hopefully working more overseas and experiencing more of what this big wide world has to offer.


Photographer Antonis Delta (
Stylist Stefano Fepa
Fashion coordination Marco Fontanelli



The premiere edition of D’SCENE magazine

Find out more on MagCloud

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