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How To Still Look Luxurious While Wearing Casual Clothes

Here are some must-know tips that will help you remain fashionable when wearing casual clothes

How To Still Look Luxurious While Wearing Casual Clothes
Photography by © Evan Murphy

The past year has been increasingly dominated by casual wear, proving that even when at home, you can still dress your best. However, looking luxurious while wearing casual clothes isn’t always easy. You can’t just throw on a baggy t-shirt and hope for the best. Understanding what items to purchase (and what to avoid!) is a very important part of the process.

Here are some must-know tips that will help you remain fashionable when wearing casual clothes.

Less Is (Sometimes) More

It’s true what they say – less is sometimes more. And, when dressing for comfort, this is very much the case.

If you follow the popular fashionistas these days, you will realise that most of them are doing their best to dress as simply and comfortably as possible. Look for simple outfits with one block of colour, rather than patterns with multiple. The less happening with your print design, the more put-together you’ll look.

Dressing with the “less is more” ethos doesn’t mean that you have to wear low-quality clothing. Designer brands like Off White are well-known for offering simplistic casualwear that still turns heads. To grab a bargain, check out an online off white sale to assess your options. We recommend looking for items with neutral colours to complement any season and continue looking luxurious.

How To Still Look Luxurious While Wearing Casual Clothes
Photography by © Evan Murphy

Opt For Long Coats

Heading out in cold weather? Opt for a long coat instead of a short puffy coat. The latter has a way of making you look underdressed, less classy, and even cheap – and that’s not what you want.

A long coat always throws off a sense of class, elegance, and style. Plus, it adds more value to what you’re wearing underneath. The perfect coat length should reach your knees, at least. However, you need to pay close attention to the lining when you buy your coat. Look for invisible, neatly done lining that does not show underneath.

Press! Press! Press!

Even the most expensive clothes can make you appear cheap and unkempt when not properly taken care of. So, make sure everything you wear is properly and freshly pressed. From your long coat to your neutral-colored clothes, take the time to iron them neatly before wearing them. However, be sure to follow all the care instructions indicated on the label – they’re there for a reason. If the material requires washing before wearing or steam pressing instead of dry, be sure to do just that.

Structured Bags Will Help

One simple hack any man can use to transform casual clothes into a more luxurious look is to pick the right bag. Affordable bags come in different designs, but one thing they all have in common (aside from their price tag) is that they have lower material quality.

You can hide this flaw by opting for more durable bags. The trick is to ensure that your bag does not look bulky or out of shape when you carry it around. Choose genuine leather materials that you know will withstand the test of time. Additionally, opt for solid black colors with little or no hardware, as this gives off a more classy appearance.

How To Still Look Luxurious While Wearing Casual Clothes
Photography by © Evan Murphy

Suit Trousers

No one said that casual clothes had to be all tracksuits and slippers. While a full suit is by no means casualwear, taking certain elements from one can help to provide a bridge between casual and class.

Pair suit trousers with a crease-free beige jumper or polo shirt to give off a comfy yet aesthetically pleasing vibe. Then, either team with a pair of designer trainers or loafers, depending on the look you’re hoping to achieve.

The Right Touch Of Jewellery

Remember the “less is sometimes more” point? Apply the same principle to your jewelry. Thankfully you can choose from various gold and silver-sprayed necklaces that look luxurious from a distance. But don’t overdo them. Just pick the right ones for your outfit, and you’ll be good to go.

Casual clothing can sometimes have bad connotations attached to it, but the more research you do, the quicker you’ll realise how you can bring this trend out into the public.

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