Latest Trends In Styling Men’s Cardigans

Men’s cardigans are a timeless staple, yet the same prove incredibly hard to style. Our fashion editors round up a few important styling tips:

From Fred Rogers’ cozy neighborhood outerwear to Daniel Levy’s zany fashion, if there’s one thing that we’ve learned from famous pop culture figures, it’s the power of a cardigan worn just right.

It isn’t too difficult to understand the popularity of this versatile sweater type. With its classic design and comfy fit, a cardigan is both a fashion statement and practical at once, one of those rare clothing articles that strike the perfect balance between style and comfort.

AMI’s lilac-purple cardigan worn with simple blue jeans white t-shirt and white sneakers

Men with a skinnier build can diversify their closets with a good sweater vest and cardigan collection. From slim-fit vests to bulkier knits, learn why every closet deserves a few good cardigans. 

Men’s Cardigans Can Add Weight to Your Frame

Whether you are going for a slim-fit style or a chunky wool piece, a cardigan can add noticeable weight to a thinner frame. Due to the way they hang over your shoulders and chest, cardigans can easily give you a bulkier silhouette if desired.

When you pair these cardigans with the right items, they can enhance your slimmer structure. For a classic look, you can don a pair of khakis and a pair of dress loafers. But if going business casual isn’t your style, you can simply switch these accessories with loose jeans and sneakers, respectively. Both approaches have the same result, which is to make you look good no matter the time of day.

Who says cardigans cant be edgy? See this ACNE Studios cardigan styled with PVC trousers.

A Multipurpose Wardrobe Staple

No matter if you’re wearing your cardigan over a t-shirt or over a button-down, it can help you fit right into casual and semi-formal settings alike. Due to its knitted form, the sweater easily elevates basic jeans and t-shirt to another level. But thanks to its open front, it can tone down the formality of button-downs and ties just as effortlessly.

This makes men’s cardigans multipurpose and evergreen in various settings. As a result, you can easily wear these sweaters to multiple events and activities without sticking out of the crowd. This helps you make the most out of your purchase and lets you wear it wherever you want.

It Can Live Through Multiple Seasons

Unlike turtlenecks and pullovers that are only useful during heavy winter, cardigans can be helpful through lighter seasons. With their open front design, they help you take in the breeze when it’s not too cold out, and shelter you from the weather when it gets too chilly for your thin frame.

Gucci’s Alessandro Michele loves knitwear and especially a cardigan. This Gucci menswear cardigan is styled with a cross body Gucci bag, shirt and Gucci Logo trousers.

At first glance, this serves the same purpose as a coat. However, men’s cardigans have the advantage of being worn inside just as well as they are worn outside. With this benefit of enhancing your regular outfits, they are a better addition to your closet than simple outerwear.

After understanding these benefits, it gets more comfortable for you to start buying cardigans for your closet. Just make sure that your chosen patterns and designs are in line with your personality since that lets you wear these sweaters with the required confidence in your thin frame.

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